5 Tips for Effectively Marketing Your Local App

5 Tips for Effectively Marketing Your Local App

So, you’ve built the next big thing in mobile? Congratulations! you have put in months or years of thought and effort, and now you’re ready to unleash your local app upon the world. But wait… scrawled on a notepad stuck to your monitor is a list of five important words: “Marketing plan.”

Well, start unclamping that paper and read below for five tips that can help you effectively market your app.

1) Define Your Market: Do I Make local App for Kids? Adults? Everyone?

As straightforward as this may seem, it’s crucial to define who exactly you’ll be marketing to from the get-go. I make an educational local app aimed at children but had no idea kids existed in a target market, you may be in trouble.

Your marketing will be completely different if your app development company is aimed at adults who are looking for something to do on a Friday night versus children who like playing games. can make an app for everyone (that’s the beauty of the mobile platform) but don’t expect to hit your mark if try appealing to all demographics without tailoring messages accordingly.

2) Keep Your Message Clear & Concise

People don’t want to read through walls of text when making a decision whether or not they will download and use your app. especially with over half of users access apps via their mobile devices,

it’s important that you make sure it’s immediately clear what value your product offers. And once they click on it, they don’t want to have to wait for too long before seeing the app in action.

If your marketing copy is overly complex and takes too long to explain what your product does, you risk losing out on sales. Keeping it simple while making sure that your message resonates with your target market is vital.

3) Leverage Social Media & Engage Your Audience

Your audience uses social media more than you do (most likely). So utilize this fact by keeping up-to-date with platforms like Twitter and Facebook. And not only will you be able to get instant feedback on how users are reacting to your app, but these sites also help build loyal followings for startups/small businesses. This can come in handy if you’re looking to establish yourself within your industry.

Also, remember that social media is only useful if it’s utilized the right way. Engaging users by asking them questions about how they use their devices and what apps they enjoy can help you learn more about your target market, which, in turn, helps fuel better marketing campaigns.

4) Craft Compelling Copy & Utilize Video Content

From app trailers to blog posts and everything in between, the written word has become an essential element of any good marketing strategy. In 2013 alone, marketers spent a whopping $7 billion on writing content for online consumption, according to Forbes.

What’s more is that these days many people view videos as being more trustworthy than standard written content. That’s why it’s important to utilize video (if you can afford it) when marketing your products via the web.

And remember, “Videos” don’t have to be limited to Hollywood-style trailers. Utilizing bite-sized content like GIFs and memes can also prove effective in getting your point across and engaging readers. Who might not necessarily enjoy slogging through a stodgy article that goes on for pages and pages.

5) Stay Consistent but Not Annoying

After reading all of these tips, you’re probably thinking “man this stuff is exhausting.” And yes, trying to market yourself online if done correctly requires some work. Building up an audience of people who actually want to pay attention to what you’re saying is vital if you want to be successful in the long term.

So while it’s important to make a splash and get your name out there by reaching new users through various platforms, it’s also important not to spam people with messages about your local app.

Establishing yourself as a trusted source of information for consumers is necessary if you want them to come back for more.

Remember that social media is only useful if it’s utilized the right way Engaging users by asking them questions about how they use their devices

what local app they enjoy can help you learn more about your target market and which. In turn, helps fuel better marketing campaigns.

That said, go forth into the mobile world and start making a name for yourselves! It’s not easy, but nothing good is achieved without patience and dedication. And if you ever need help with marketing yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us at Moiled! We’ll make sure your app gets the recognition it deserves. Make sure to also check out our blog for more helpful advice on mobile development.

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