Best ways to prevent yourself from COVID19 

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COVID 19 pandemic has affected the entire world; there are around 42,973,491 cases, and around 1,155,224 people have died because of this deadly virus. But the good news is that around 31,683,279 people have been recovered from it.

Times of India has stated that 90% of covid cases have been recovered, but don’t forget prevention is better than cure. So, here we present to you some tips to protect yourself from COVID 19 and take necessary precautions.

1. Avoid close contact and crowded places –

You can avoid close contact with people by adapting to the habit of joining your hands rather than handshakes and maintaining social distance from people while meeting them. You should also avoid going to crowded places as such places can be more prone to the virus, which can be dangerous to us.

2.  Healthy Diet

At this time, it’s necessary or needed  to increase immunity to prevent the attack of COVID on you. The addition of antiviral food to your diet will help you to boost your immune system and directly protect you from a virus. One food item that you should add to your diet is coconut oil. It contains lauric acid and caprylic acid, tulsi, and ginger, which have antibacterial properties, and last but not least, berries help you fight against COVID Virus.

3. Use Proper Sanitization –

You will be going to buy several things from the market, and you know how much risk it has, so it becomes mandatory to sanitize all the things before using them. It will minimize the risk of COVID.

4. Wash your hand and use a face mask –

The most basic and most important tip is to use a face mask and wash your hand at a proper interval. It’s our habit to touch our faces, so the mask can help you to avoid COVID. Regularly cleaning your hands with soap or alcohol-based sanitizer will help you eliminate all the viruses in your hand.

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5. Stay Physically and Mentally active

 COVID time has led you to work at home, affecting both the mental and physical health of people. As work from home and the evening walks that people used to take or the gymming activities are at a halt, staying active at home is also necessary. Thirty minutes of exercise is needed to be fit, and doing some mental stress-free activities such as singing, dancing, or any other activities is required.

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These are some of the tips that can help you stay happy and stress-free in the stressful days of COVID. I suggest all of you to stay safe and stay healthy and follow the guidelines of government.