How To Record Windows or Mac Computer Screen For Free Without Apps

How to record a computer screen on Windows or Mac without any application that what I’m going to talk about. I will discuss it very simply and easily, and most importantly, it is free. Yes, it’s free. We don’t even need to register and need any data. Especially in this day and age, personal data is very sensitive to be used by irresponsible people.

If my friend briefly reads the writing in the main image of this article, you may have imagined that how to record the screen on Windows or Mac is done online. This is what allows us to record screens in any version of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, 10 and other versions of Mac.

It is called RecordCast, a free online screen recorder. Because it’s online so we don’t need to download any applications, don’t even use applications that are already embedded in our Windows or Mac. Cool right? The method is also very easy without being complicated.

Oh yes, we can record our computer screen and record the webcam that we are using and even record simultaneously between the PC screen and the currently active webcam. So, what’s less? It’s no application, easy, free again.

Don’t worry about sound because there are free or even paid Windows screen recorder applications that often have problems with audio recording. As long as I use the screen recording method on Windows or Mac, I don’t find any problems with audio recording, as long as you read this article in full, OK? There are some major things you need to pay attention to.


How to record screens using Chrome


The name of using an online recording method without an application is actually not really without any application. It is not possible for us to do a Windows or Mac screen recording without the help of any running application.

It’s just that we don’t need to download any additional applications. Yes, because we use web browser applications such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Bing, Mozilla Firefox, or the like.

So, if you see this application in a technical running aspect, you can guess that this application is running using basic HTML, Javascript, and other supports. Therefore I recommend using Google Chrome as a web browser to run the screen recording method on Windows or Mac without downloading any application.

It is also important not to block the running Javascript. This is usually done by internet users who don’t want ads to appear on their web pages.


Easy steps to record windows or mac screen

The basic principle of easy steps on how to record screen on Windows or Mac with RecordCast, there are only three main stages, namely:

  • Start Recording– Click the Start Recording button to start capturing your screen.
  • Adjust Settings– Before starting recording, you can select several recording options, such as screen options, audio options, and other recording options.
  • Download & Edit– When finished, please stop recording, download, or edit first on the screencast.

How to record screen?

Next, I will give a complete example of how to record a screen on Windows 10 without downloading and installing an application. Please refer to the following steps.

1. Open your browser

In this example, I use Google Chrome. Open RecordCast at its website here After that, click “Start Recording” on its homepage.

2. Select the recording settings

recording setting

Select the settings of your recording as what you want. It can be a computer screen and a webcam at the same time, a monitor screen only, or a webcam only.

After making the selection, click “Next Step” to select the audio recording that will be used. RecordCast allows us to record audios from Microphone as well as the system audios at the same time. You can only record sounds from one method or choose to add no sounds to the recording. It’s totally up to you.

After selecting the audio option, please click the “Start Recording” button. Then check your audio share settings, and click “Got it”. I’ve set that before.

It’s time to select the screen to be recorded. When you have decided the “share” button will be active, click “Share”.

3. Recording


Pay attention to the panel image above, where RecordCast is recording the screen and audio of your laptop/PC. This means that the screen and audio have been actively recorded.

Buddy can move the panel by simply dragging. You can drop it where you want then.

You can also pause recording by clicking the “II” button on the left panel while re-recording your whole recording. Start from scratch by clicking the icon beside the pause button.

When finished, you can click the “Stop sharing” panel or the red square button.

4. Download and Edit

video editor

Then click “Download and Edit,” then the video will be automatically downloaded in WEBM file format. I prefer the MP4 file format for my usage, so I’ll edit it in RecordCast’s online video editor. It’s timeline designed interface.

Videos are edited using a “timeline” where each segment can have specific elements customized by changing colors, exchanging text characteristics, adding or removing elements, video clips and their flexible time duration, etc. The application allows you to add animated text and add audio tracks, which can be selected from its database or load your own MP3 file.

5. Export

The tool offers three resolutions when exporting: 480p, 720p and 1080p for free. Export it according to your own needs.


My opinion

Well, it turns out that the record screen on Windows and Mac with RecordCast is very easy, isn’t it? This method is very suitable for anyone, especially for beginner YouTubers, students, and teachers, to make various kinds of learning videos.

Yes, because this way you don’t have to pay a penny. It just takes a stable internet connection. However, I don’t think this is a major problem, especially in urban areas where internet access is now getting easier and cheaper.

OK buddy, that was my opinion on how to record screens on Windows and Mac applications without apps, free and without registration. Hopefully, it is useful for you all.