Top Best and Open Source Attendance Management Software & System Providers in India

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If you’re looking for the best Attendance Management System, the complete number of options may seem daunting to you. When you have so many Human Resource Management System Software to compare, pricing becomes a key factor. You need to choose the best Online Attendance System within your budget that also offers all the features you need to manage your human resource and employee time management operations.

To identify the right open source Real-Time Attendance Software, you need to ensure it offers core HR software features and is also highly rated by your peers. With proper research, it is possible to find a good Attendance Management System that can meet your HR department’s needs for years.

To help you find the best Attendance Management System software that can work for the long term, we’ve combed through the solutions on to provide you with a list of the best four options.

This article looks at the best and open-sourced Human Resource Management System Software options. So without further ado, let’s jump into the topic.

Which is the best Attendance Management System?

LogsafeInternational Attendance Management system provides real-time integration with all attendance devices like biometrics, Smart card, and facial recognition devices.

It’s a great Online Attendance System that will give you 100% visibility of employee working hours, eliminate missed punches, and streamline attendance tracking. Features included in an HRMS Attendance play a huge role in simplifying time and attendance tracking.

Why Log Safe International is Best Online & Real-Time Attendance Software?


– It is the most robust attendance tracking system in the world with biometric, mobile/GPS, and schedules!

– Attendance via easiest QR Scanning.

– Real-time Tracking.

– Shifts & Week-offs tracking.

– HR and Employee-friendly.

– User interactive Employee Attendance Management System.

– Ensures accuracy & consistency in attendance management.

– Eliminate time-theft risks and manual error.

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Top reasons to find Attendance Management System –

Reliable Tracking of Working Time –

Ensure you choose a system that tracks employees’ time off such as sick leave, parental leave, annual leave, and more. The application must provide self-service functionality so that employees can easily apply time off, view their time off-balance, and more like Log safe international Attendance Management System.

Flexible Time Tracking Options –

Attendance Management System should allow your employees to record their working hours through different platforms such as the computer, smartphone, punch card, tablet, etc.

Overtime Calculations –

The home attendance system or attendance management System should calculate your company’s regular and overtime hours, irrespective of pay rates, and the class of work concerned.

Simple and Easy-to-use user interface –

The software you choose should be intuitive enough and also alleviate the headache of manual processes and compliance issues as in . The simpler a solution is to use, the higher the adoption rate, and the quicker you would realize your return on investment.


The Best time and Human Resource Management System Software should automate and simplifies the employee’s scheduling time, results in more accurate pay, and decreases labor costs with a sophisticated time and attendance tracking system.

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