Are Patent and Trademark Same?

What is a Trademark?

The term mark refers to an acknowledged insignia, sentence, expression, or emblem, denoting and legally distinguishing the particular product from all other items of its kind. A trade mark marks a commodity solely as part of a certain business and acknowledges the use of the mark by the company. 

Trademarks are commonly regarded as intellectual property and may or may not be licenced. A label is a symbol, expression or word readily identifiable that refers to a particular product.

It legally makes the good or service separate from all other products of its kind and acknowledges the copyright of the source business of the mark.

Trademarks can be registered or not and are marked respectively with symbols and TM. The user must use the mark regularly, but it does not expire, in order to be protected by the tags.

Trademark logo registration in UAE is authorized by the Ministry of Economy.  For Trademark logo registration following documents are required;

  • Trademark Logo
  • Power of Attorney
  • Priority document
  • Passport copy
  • Other attachments.

What is Patent?

An initial invention of characteristics which were previously unrelated is awarded a patent. Patent protection for 20 years shall be given and shall be valid in the patent applicant’s country. 

Following thorough analysis of the invention, the Patent and Marking Office grants a patent. It takes much longer than copyright and patents for clearance. The premium for patents is also higher than for trademarks.

In certain areas, patents are issued. If it is proving that the solution is original and not used before anybody else, even medicinal cures by means of a medicine or a treatment will be given a patent. The Patent Office also owes the patent rights management bill.

Under the Ministry of Economy, the International Patent Registration Centre (ICPR) is a responsible authority for patent registration in the United Arab Emirates. You may file an application online via the ministry’s website to register a patent.

Difference Between Trademark and Patent


  • Patent grants the inventors the freedom not to make their work by any persons.
  • Trademark is a logo, picture, text or even sound that may remind customers of an enterprise’s goods and services.


  • Inventions and processes that have previously not been created shall be granted patents. Patents also have experimental cures and remedies.
  • Companies use trademarks to distinguish their products or services.


  • For a term of 20 years, the patent shall be issued.
  • Unrestricted trademark period as long as it is renewed every 10 years by the Corporation.


If you can see, all patents and trademarks defend the owner from opportunists that can benefit from the efforts of the owner. Both the patent and the trademark shall be called the proprietor’s intellectual property rights, and can be sold, purchased or mortgaged at any time by the proprietor as desired. Get a patent on it if you have an idea. By reproducing your idea, this would save you from profiting. Get a copyright if you’ve got a logo. This would provide you the legal protections of your service or merchandise logo or description.