Doctor’s Office Is Not Disclosing My Medical Bills to The Insurer -What Should I Do?

Medical Bills

Getting a proper claim for the losses you have faced in a car accident can be challenging. However, this process can get a lot easier by hiring an Idaho car accident attorney with adequate knowledge and experience handling accident cases.

However, many factors come in getting a claim approved, one of which is not getting your medical bills from the doctor.

Possible reasons why the doctor’s office won’t disclose your medical bills:

Human error – It is possible that your doctor’s office made an error while processing your bill. Medical bills are complex and can have multiple errors in them. Another reason can be that the insurance provider asked for some additional information about the bills. Which is not supposed to be disclosed by the doctor.

Bundling – Bundling is when a secondary process is considered as a part of a primary process. The surgery bills are meant to be a separate part of the bills; however, sometimes, they are combined with the regular bills. As a result, it bundles up the two accounts together.

Lack of referral – Many doctors state that you must pre-approve your claim process before starting your surgery process or requesting to see a specialist for your injuries. If you fail to do so, the doctor’s office will possibly deny showing your bills later.

Lack of cooperation – Many formalities need to be fulfilled when dealing with a medical procedure, especially when you are a victim of an accident. If your insurer does not cooperate with the doctor and nurses. It can later cause a delay in the settlement and billing process. This can include delays in filing registration forms, not paying for any pre-charges, or not being present at doctor’s visitation.

How to handle it if the doctor’s office does not disclose your medical bill?

If you have already tried various tactics to get your medical bills, you can try fighting for it with the help of your attorney in the following ways:

  • Your attorney can talk to the hospital authorities and get your medical bill; however, you can hire a medical bill professional if it does not work in your favor.
  • A medical bill professional or a billing advocate can find out the exact reason behind it and see if any fraud or outrageous activity is happening in the hospital and its billing process.
  • The billing advocate will also negotiate with the hospital on your behalf and make sure you get your medical bill so that your insurer can start working on your claim process.

Whatever steps you take, make sure you are respectful and keep good documentation copies. With you that includes the date from which you were admitted to the hospital.