What Is A Notary?

notary public

Notary Public plays a very important role of recording signatures on documents. A legal papers and making sure that only the person signing the document is actually who he says he is. You can not simply do this by yourself in a notary office.  As it would be too much of an exercise. The need for a notary arises when you want to execute some complicated transactions. Such as transferring money from one account to another, buying or selling something and other similar transactions. For all such transactions, it is always necessary to have the notary as witness. Notary public acts as a verification for the parties to ensure their identity and integrity, before the transaction is executed.

A notary public is a public official constituted by law to administer the civil function of executing the civil actions otherwise concerned with deeds, wills, powers-of-chairs, and public securities. A notary Oakland is appointed by the county councilor, generally for a term of six years, and may be a resident or nonresidential officer. To be valid, the notary must take and subscribe an oath of office to act impartially according to the code of procedure applicable to notaries. It is usual for a notary to undertake certain important duties, such as preparing the notarial bond, taking and recording oaths, printing or recording the signature of the parties involved in the transfer, and insuring the transfer of documents. It is also usual for a notary to perform other functions as defined by law.

Individuals may use notary services

A number of different types of individuals may use notary services. Individuals who are planning to buy, sell, exchange, or give away property or financial instruments may use notary services for this purpose. Individuals engaged in the profession of banking or in the handling of financial instruments, such as loans, mortgages, and so forth, may also use notary services. Public authorities engaged in the administration of natural resources, including state agencies and federal agencies, and organizations engaged in the conservation of nature, may also require the services of notaries.

All kinds of legal documents, including deeds, mortgages, deeds of trust, and powers of attorney, must be authenticated by the notary. The legal documents must be countersigned, and the notary must witness the signature, and seal the original or duplicate. Individuals using notary services must execute their transactions as required. keep records of all proceedings, and report any irregularity to the county court or the lender.

Certain legal activities

A notary is usually employed by attorneys and others who undertake certain legal activities. There are different kinds of notary services. One of them is that of a public notary, who notarizes legal documents for the people who cannot notarize themselves. There are also commissioned notary publics who stamp the notary seal on the legal documents of a client. Such people are called “notary publics”.

The existence of these types of notary publics can be found in many places. They can be found in the county clerk offices, along with other notary publics, banks, mortgage companies and title companies. But the most convenient option available to you is to go for a mobile notary signing service. The mobile notary signing company can take care of all the responsibilities associated with notary signing. They will send the notary signing requests to the notary public in your area.

Legal documents

When you give the mobile notary signing company the information about the legal documents you want notarized, they will then prepare the documents according to your instructions. You don’t have to deal with those difficult forms and the time-consuming forms that you have to fill out. If you have any questions regarding the form, you can just call the customer service desk of the company and they will assist you. Once you are through with the whole process, you don’t have to do it again as long as you want to.

Mobile notary publics offer notary public services in such as convenient ways. It can help you to get all the legal documents notarized in a hassle free manner. It would be impractical for you to go back to the court every time if there is a problem. Notaries normally accept payment for their services in cash or with a check depending on the situation. Therefore, you don’t have to pay them for notarizing the legal documents.

If you are living in the California, you must know that there are several offices of the California secretary of state which notary signing is required to be done. Some of the offices are located locally, while others are located statewide. The secretary of state has an office in San Francisco. In the case of the Golden State, there is an office in Sacramento. Therefore, mobile notary signing is available in each of the cities.

Mobile notary becoming popular

Mobile notary signing is becoming very popular because of its convenience. People who want to get their mortgage papers notarized are able to do so since there are notaries available for that purpose in each city. There is also no need for you to go back to the court house every time.  If you have notarized the loan documents. Notaries are paid on a flat rate fee basis, which means you don’t have to pay them by the hour. You pay them by the type of work they do such as being a mortgage notary public.

If you want to become a mobile notary public, you have to complete the state’s requirement. The requirements will require you to take an approved notary training course and pass a notary exam. Once you have passed all of the requirements then you can start applying for a job. In addition to the notary exam, you will have to get fingerprinted and photographed. The employer will use the photographs and fingerprints to determine whether or not you are a reliable notary public.