5 Ways to Increase the Efficiency with Commercial Refrigeration

Seaforth Refrigeration LTD

Approximately 30% of the energy produced by heat and cool systems installed in a commercial building or your local supermarket is wasted due to refrigeration equipment’s improper regulation. This can be due to many reasons, such as a leak within the cooling unit, an oversized compressor, or an unsuitable placement of the refrigeration system.  We highly recommend you consult Seaforth Refrigeration LTD if your needs aren’t being met with your current refrigeration system.  In this article, we will be discussing a few cost-friendly ways you can increase the efficiency of your commercial refrigeration system.

Five ways to boost the efficiency of your commercial refrigerators

1.     Provide regular maintenance

Most of the time, the underlying culprit to a faulty refrigeration system is lack of maintenance. There are plenty of refrigerator and HVAC techs out there that provide services that can help you ensure top performance of your equipment as well as diagnose and fix any issues within the machinery. This can help you save a lot of money that you would have had to spend on fixing more extensive breakdowns in the future. The best way to determine your refrigeration system’s efficiency levels is by thoroughly reviewing your energy-saving plan and ensuring it syncs with your preventative maintenance strategy.

2.     Use energy-saving lighting

Most commercial refrigeration systems installed in supermarkets and restaurant kitchens have their display lights switched on for ease of use. These lights are constantly consuming energy and make up a significant portion of your electricity bills. We recommend that your swap the pre-installed filaments with energy-saving bulbs. This is guaranteed to reduce the energy consumption of your refrigeration unit by a hefty margin.

3.     Keep the technology updated

The latest technological advancements in refrigeration equipment aim to minimize energy consumption while maximizing energy output. We highly suggest that you keep your machinery up to date even if it requires an additional investment. Most of the latest commercial refrigeration systems come with a built-in programmable thermostat, which allows its users to optimize energy by sustainably controlling the hours the machinery runs.

4.     Check for leaks in the cooling system

Leaks are one of the problems that often go undetected and can lead to much more significant issues if not caught on time. For this purpose, we advise that you eliminate the risk of a leak by having a professional conduct an inspection on the refrigeration equipment you own after every few months.

5.     Get insulation for the doors

While door-less refrigeration display units may seem more aesthetic, they are not made for sustainable, practical use. Even though display units can significantly reduce energy wastage, you can further minimize this by investing in insulated doors. Insulation will decrease the amount of cooling that escapes the refrigerator and consequently cut down the burden on the system.

The bottom line

Efficiency contributes a lot to running a business sustainably. By following the tips mentioned above, your business can save up a lot on repairing costs and electricity bills. We highly suggest that you have your commercial refrigeration system looked at to ensure its efficient functionality.