9 Items You Should Avoid Buying New from the Stores


The new items loss a significant percentage of their value as soon as you lay hands on them. It seems like an unreasonable purchase since you can get the same product at a lower price. These are the used items in the perfect condition that will fulfil the purpose.

The common notion about the used items results from temptation and hype created by the marketing campaigns. You need to shift the focus on usability and application instead of showing off a shiny new product. Here, you will find some of the many products you should never buy new to save money.


The toolbox in your house is a set of common tools and equipment found in almost every other house. You need them to save money on expensive visits of servicemen for menial jobs. However, it doesn’t have to be new tools that often require some level of crafting.

The handy people can buy them easily from websites or neighborhood pawn shops. These tools are already sharpened by some of the experts in the market.  You can also borrow the toolbox from friends if you want it occasionally.


Car is a heavy expense that almost every individual has on their long-term goals. You select a vehicle you want and need, save money for its down payment, and take responsibility for a huge loan. The value drops 10%-20% as soon as the car is out of the dealership.

You can use the same depreciation amount to get a vehicle at a much lower price. However, it is not easy to inspect an old vehicle for a regular person with limited knowledge about automobiles. Moreover, you can finance a used car with personal loans from direct lenders at reasonable interest rates.


You don’t have to buy a new copy of books unless it has some sentimental values attached to the author or series. The same content is available in the books in a public library. They will lend it to you for enough time to complete it.

If not the library, you can easily buy used books online and offline stores. They are sometimes in mint condition that looks as good as new. If the book is not available at the library or some used book site, go for the eBook version as they are cheaper.

Boats, RVs, and Motorcycles

The case of used cars applies to other modes of transportation as well. You can easily find people selling their used motorcycles and RVs at a significantly lower cost than brand new models. There slightly old make will not have much impact on the performance or comfort of the riders.

Moreover, super luxurious items such as boats and lavish motor home are often found in auctions. You can save thousands of pounds on the purchase if no other buyers are sitting in the event. Keep in mind the budget as the auction often gets competitive, and people can go exorbitant with their purchase.


New houses are built with a material that stands nowhere close to the older times in durability. The builders and brokers make a huge profit on them by selling them at whatever price they seem fair. On the other hand, the used houses often provide a better deal if the buyers are in direct contact with the seller.

The old houses are found to be stronger since the people focused on durability, not wireless connectivity through walls. Also, these are houses with some happy memories attached to them. We are not talking about century-old homes. Even a decade old home will give a better deal.

Movies and CDs

Yes, there was a time once when the movies and shows were available only on the CDs. They were the only option if you wanted to watch them on your time for unknown times. However, the same is not true in the present world of online streaming.

You can watch them with a single subscription to a popular streaming service. Share the subscription if the cost is too much for you. Also, you can ask some friends for their account if the content is available on a different platform.

Sport Gears

Many people have to give up playing the sport because of different life situations. Some started a job leaving no time to play the game anymore. While others began it as a hobby and now don’t want to continue it.

You can use their equipment the next time you break your bat. They are in great condition, and the price is substantially low. No sales on sports gears can match the price combined with the post-purchase efforts to make the equipment match-ready.

Musical Instrument

Like the sport gears, first owners sell musical instruments once they are over their temporary passion. They sell the instrument after only a few months of use. Therefore, they are in great condition because they spent most of their time in the storage bag.

You can start your practice with a used instrument to save some money. This will help you decide whether you want to continue without spending too much of the money. Also, the depreciation from second to third users is comparatively lower than the first to the second user for musical instruments.


Pets are not some toys. You should put a price tag since they are living creatures. They deserve a better place than the cages in a breeder’s kennel. Therefore, we recommend you not buy pets from the pet shops as there is a very good chance of animal cruelty.

There are plenty of puppies and young dogs waiting for a home in the shelters and adoption centres. You can also ask one of your friends or relatives to give a puppy if their pet is about to give birth. It will help you save money and make the world a better place for these animals.


To sum up, the obsession with the new products only makes sense in only a few cases. But it makes more sense to save money and invest in something that matters. These items in the list are bought for some purpose that is very well fulfilled by the alternatives mentioned.