An Ultimate Guide Regarding the Performance Tyres for Your Use

In contrast to many people’s belief, every tyre is different. Adhesive properties, rubber formulas, and construction greatly among various brands as well as differ from tyre to tyre. As such, various particular uses require particular tyres. This piece of the article deals with performance tyres particularly. Come on; let’s travel through the journey of the Performance tyre.

Performance Tyres

A performance tyre is a tyre with a mixture of enhanced adhesive properties. These properties are achieved due to the chemical nature of the rubber compounds used and the tread design meant for the performance vehicles. Traction, handling, and responsiveness of the tyre are increased by these crafted designs especially.

However, you can find various grades of performance Michelin Tyres Coventry. The grades are accompanied by the name of their respective manufacturers. You can break these grades into 3 categories: R-compound or best performance, Summer Performance and Performance or good performance. Let’s break them down.

Performance Tyres Types


R-compound tyres are something a bit less than the race-spec tyre that is slick. More grip and responsiveness are offered by these tyres because of their tread design. They have a rubber compound far stickier as compared to other performance tyre and resemble semi-slick tyres. If you use these tyres repeatedly, they will wear out at a faster rate and are meant for extreme performance.


For being used only in dry conditions, the summer performance tyre is manufactured. The snowy, damp or wet conditions result in unsafe driving because of the tyre compound and tread design.


For being used in damp and dry conditions, the Performance tyre is designed. They are not meant for snowy or wet roads. The tyre handling capacity and life are balanced by their tread wearing.

Difference between All-Season and Performance Tyres

Proper adhesion and handling are offered by an all-season tyre in both the snow, wet, and dry conditions. As compared to the other speciality tyres, they facilitate more durability. As you know, the Performance tyres are grippy and effective in dry conditions due to their design.

How Long Can You Use The Performance Tyres

The durability of the performance tyres is based on the grade of tyre you choose. Tire longevity will depend on which performance grade you select. 15,000-20,000 miles is offered by the R-Compounds; 30,000 miles is offered by the Summer Performance and 50,000 miles is offered by the Performance grade.

Use is another crucial factor to take into account. Your performance tyre will wear out at a faster rate if you abuse and use them more than required.

Damage Factors In Performance Tyres

Every factor that can damage another regular tyre can damage a performance tyre. These factors include slashes, punctures, and road debris. However, as compared to other tyre types, daily and heavy use of the performance tyre results in its degeneration at a faster rate.

Frequency of Pumping Your Tyres with Air

Doing an eyeball test every time you hop into your car is a wise activity. You can also make use of a tyre gauge at least once a month or week to inspect your tyre pressure. It takes very little time and you can also save both money as well as time apart from your health in future.

Frequency of Your Car Tyre Alignment

You must check the alignment of your car tyre when you trace any issue in the wearing pattern of your car tyres or steering performance. Well, you usually get your alignment of Cheapest Tyres Coventry checked at least once a year.

Can A Spare Tyre Be Used On a Daily Basis?

Using a spare tyre regularly is not suggested. The majority of spare tyre is meant for emergency use only. Thus, your damaged tyre must be replaced immediately and you should avoid using the spare every time.

Choose the Right Tyres for Your Car

Picking the correct tyre for your car is an easy task. There are ample options available in this world. You must choose your tyre cautiously according to the tyre specifications of your car.