Auto parts Manufacturers in the US

Auto parts Manufacturers in the US

Auto part industry plays an essential role in the growth of any country’s economy.  There are many auto parts manufactures in Us which are dominating the market as they are making high revenue and paying comparative more tax than other industries. With the passage of time the demand in the automotive sector in increasing on other hand the ongoing rapid development in sectors such as electrical vehicles, connected cars etc, is expected to growth further over the near future. Auto parts include car body components, Doors, windows, Cameras, Audios/video devices etc. In the early twenty-first-century automotive industry produced different components and systems for the world’s car and truck producers. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, $1.1 trillion in goods by 2010. In 2025 the global size of auto parts is expected to be $810.5 billion this market research is listed on Report Linker with China Graphite Mold.


Lear is one of the leading suppliers in automotive seating and electrical component. It serves globally to its customers having capabilities to server with expert engineers and each item is manufactured by a talented team. Approximately 165,000 employees are working with Lear in 257 different locations in 38 different countries around the globe. Lear is traded on the New York stock exchange having a symbol of LEA. The Lear ranking on the Fortune 500 list is improving as in 2018 it was ranked on #148 and in 2019 it was ranked on #147.


Tenneco is a globally manufacturing company having a worth of $9.3 billion. Tenneco headquarters is located in Lake Forest where approximately 78,000 employees are serving with their expertise in different 17 countries having more than 300 sites worldwide. The main product for which Tenneco is famous is automotive powertrain products for light vehicle.  Motor parts, Ride performance, clean Air and Powertrain are also business groups of Tenneco. Ford, Toyota, FAW, BMW etc are major customers of Tenneco. Advance technology, Great product quality, on time delivery are their key to success.


BorgWarner is one the largest automotive suppliers out of 25 largest automotive suppliers in the world. The headquarter of BorgWarner is located in Auburn Hills having 96 sites in 24 different countries having more than 50,000 employees. BorgWarner will be this first choice if auto manufactures around the world want to meet the toughest emission standards with a combination of excellent performance with a high level of reliability. Delphi technologies, Akasol are the main investors of BorgWarner. The main focus of BorgWarner is to produce Eco-friendly products.


Visteon is also one of the leading automotive suppliers. Their team members (Designers, engineers and manufactures) always try to manufactures innovative electronic products especially automotive cockpit electronics for vehicle manufacturers. The headquarter of Visteon is located in Van Buren Township, Michigan, U.S, having approximately 10,000 employees in different 18 countries which are serving their expertise to Visteon. Investment clusters, Displays, Head-up displays, Telematics are the main products of Visteon. The worth of Visteon is about $4.6 billion. BMW, GW, Honda, Ford, VW, Mazda and others are the main customer of Visteon.

American Alex & Manufacturing:

American Alex & Manufacturing was established in 1917. AAM mainly manufactured automobile driveline and drivetrain components. The headquarter of AAM is located in Detroit having more than 21,000 employees having branches in 17 countries. The main focus of AAM is on quality, operational excellence and technology leadership. AAM’s globally has 80 locations across four continents.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company:

This is the on of the largest tyer manufacturing company, this company was formed almost 100 years ago. Goodyear is one of the recognized brand name having it’s headquarter in Akron, Ohio, US, having 62,000 employees in different 47 facilities. It has marketing operations in more than 21 countries. It’s non-tire business also provides rubber products for a variety of markets. In addition to Goodyear-brand tires, the company also produces other well-respected international brand names, including Dunlop, Kelly, Fulda, Sava and Debica.