Barriers to a positive attendee speaker experience in events

attendee-speaker experience in events

Every event is incomplete without two entities; one is the event guests or attendees, and the other is the event speaker. The engagement and interaction levels of these two entities are crucial for the success of the event. No matter what type of event you organize or arrange, you must make sure you have event guests and speakers.

Both virtual and physical events have guests and speakers, and the organizers must make sure they are arranging every facility to improve the interaction between them. The interaction between these two entities is difficult when the events are virtual, and the communication barriers are higher. One solution to overcome these interaction barriers is by having the latest technologies, but the barriers still exist. To overcome these barriers, you need to opt for certain methods and improve the guest and speaker experience.

Keep scrolling this article to figure out possible solutions for the barriers between the event guests and the speakers.

Top 7 barriers to the audience and speaker interaction and experience in events

Some of the event mishaps are unpredictable, and one of the unpredictable mishaps that are more likely to happen at an event is the interaction barriers. It is imperative to identify these barriers and take corrective actions to remove these barriers. With the existence of these barriers, the success of an event is merely impossible.

Below are the most prominent barriers that exist between the event guest and speaker, whether it be a physical event or a virtual event.

1. The seating arrangements

In the physical events, the seats and furniture arrangements play a key role in enabling the guests to listen to the speaker. When the guests’ seats are not properly arranged and discourage eye contact between the guests and the speaker, interaction rates are lower. It is psychologically proved that when we remove eye contact between the two people, the listener and speaker’s understandability and interaction levels are lower. Make sure your event seats are arranged well and hire the experts of an experiential event agency Dubai firms to arrange events with better solutions and arrangements for the guest and speaker interaction.

2. Noise barriers

When the noises around you are too loud, then it becomes difficult for you to understand what the person interacting with you is saying. The same is the case with the event audience and speaker interaction; when they have higher rates of noise around them, they are more likely to have poor experience and interaction levels. Make sure to keep your events less noisy by setting certain rules and guidelines for the attendees and the event management team.

3. Sharing too much

The most important and vital reason for a poor audience and speaker experience is the inexpertise of the speaker. The event speaker must know what the audience wants to listen to and what amount of information they can digest. When the speaker shares too much information with the event guest, they begin having disengagement and lower interactions. The speaker needs to share the things that the audience wants and loves to listen to, not the information that the speaker wants to share.

4. Event distractions

In virtual and physical events, several things can cause distractions for the event speaker and the guest. To remove and reduce the number of interactions in your event, set some rules and guidelines. Inform the guests and management to avoid leaving their seats when not necessary. Go with step-by-step introductions of your event tasks; introducing every bit of your event tasks at once could cause a lot of distractions.

5. Audience disengagement

The biggest barrier in the audience and speakers’ experience is the interests of the audiences. When the audience has no interest in your event, they are more likely to take an interest in what your event speaker is saying. They will avoid interacting with the speaker, and to have a better audience-speaker experience, they must communicate and share their views in the end.

6. Speakers influence

No matter what type of event audience and guest you have, the skills and the expertise of the event speaker must develop an interest in them. The speaker you hire for your event must possess some skills to influence your audience. Their expertise and skills will make the audience engage and develop an interest in your event and the activities.

7. The audio/ video arrangements

When the arrangements of conveying the voice of the speaker to the audience are not good, there is a huge communication barrier between these two.  As an event organizer, you must look for audio and video arrangements before the event starts to provide a better event audience-speaker experience. You can also hire the experiential event agency Dubai firms to organize events with all the necessary arrangements and reduce the disengagement chances.

Improve your audience and speakers’ engagement for successful events!

If you are organizing events, you must watch out for things that could reduce the audience and speaker’s engagement. Go for all possible solutions and methods to provide them a better experience. Look for the above-mentioned barriers and hire experts to deal with these barriers by arranging hassle-free successful events.

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