Types of prayer Rugs

A prayer mat or prayer rug is typically a large piece of soft fabric, either a flat pile carpet or a prayer rug, used during prayer. In Islam, it traditionally placed on the floor and between the believer and Allah for pure cleanliness. In other areas of the world it may be used as a prayer mat. The main purpose is to provide enough surface area on which to kneel, pray or praise God. There are many types of prayer rugs available. They come in different colors, styles, shapes and materials. They are make from different fabrics such as jute, mecca, sisal, wool and camel.

The common prayer mat use in mosques and houses of worship usually consists of a square or rectangular piece of material with four to six slants to allow kneeling support for the prayer practitioner. This prayer mat is commonly accompanied by two prayer rugs, one for prayer and the other for prostration. These prayer rugs often have floral designs on them or are print with verses of the Holy Quran or hadith. Other designs include Islamic calligraphy and abstract images of Allah.

This accessory is use to assist the prayer practitioner to assume an appropriate position to pray. Woven prayer rugs are another popular way to decorate an Islamic house of worship. Like their prayer mat counterpart, these rugs are also use to provide comfort and peace to the wearer. They are available in traditional or contemporary designs. Many are print with prayer readings, Islamic poems, or other Islamic scripts. Some have beads, sequins and other decorative trimmings. For Muslim women, there is also the option of wearing splash mat, which are known as the harbi, or headdress.

These prayer mats have a long, flowing design and are made from silk, cotton or other textiles. Traditionally, they are knitt and have a double square area for prayer, where prayer rugs can be place. Women may also wear hijabs over their heads. Most Muslims prefer to place their prayer mats on the floor of their place of worship. This allows them to pray facing in the direction of Mecca, the location of God. However, many find that it is difficult to pray when standing, as this position is considere to be too far away for prayer at times. Prayer mats are available in sizes ranging from extra large to small and may be fold to fit in a purse or bag. Some modern prayer mats come in the form of footstool. These special “pedal prayer mats” come with built-in fans to circulate air and keep feet cool during long periods of standing. They are typically use in schools, as well as in health clubs, where members of the facility may pray or rest after exercise. Pedal prayer mats are available in many colors and are great for places of worship. prayer mats for Muslim women are no longer limit to plain, basic colors.

Designs range from ones with a floral design to those that feature geometric patterns, gemstones or even ones with intricate geometric designs. Some have pictures of Islamic scenes and symbols, while others feature flowers or hearts. One thing that all Muslim prayer mats share is the one common factor: They are beautiful and function efficiently. No other type of floor covering is able to make this claim. Prayer rugs come in a wide array of styles and designs, depending on the tastes of the consumer and the manufacturer. Some of the more common ones include: the takfir (towel prayer), the site (long prayer), the makhsoos (quilted prayer mat) and the Islamic prayer rug. The tapir is the most popular due to its simple, elegant design.

It features four short and long pieces of fabric that meet in the middle and are pin under the armpit to form a rectangular prayer mat. The sitra is another simple design, which looks like a prayer rug that has been woven tightly to form a square islamic prayer mat. It can be purchase in solid colors or with accent beads. The third type of prayer rugs is the Islamic prayer rugs. These prayer rugs are make from heavy wool or synthetic fabrics, such as polyester, that dye a deep red. They are widely available in both standard and specialty colors.

The Turkish carpets are another popular choice as they are available in both solid and striped colors. The last type of prayer mat is the Ottoman prayer mat. This is a thick prayer rug that is designe to lay flat on the floor. It is available in both large and small sizes and comes in a great many colors, patterns and textures. The main benefit of purchasing an Ottoman . Turkish prayer rug is that it will provide you with extra comfort when doing your prayer. Another benefit is that it will add an extra decorative touch to your home.