Muslim prayer mat- What You Must Know Before Buying

My Prayer Mat is a unique prayer mat designed for young children to learn how to perform the Muslim prayer while having fun and in an educational way. The soft touch interactive prayer mat has the recorded keys that are touch sensitive and will activate the video, like praying times, the way to do wuda, recite du’as, say shahans, and many more. It will teach kids about the different times for prayer, the different bodily positions and postures, and what words to use during them.

It is not just an ordinary prayer mat; it is the most innovative and engaging personalised prayer mat uk. This prayer rugs are available as a twin size, round prayer mat or as an extra large rectangular prayer mat. Both sizes are made from durable heavy-gauge textured canvas with polyester fill. They also come with a plush interior with buttonholes for prayer mats to have a great deal of fun being a child. There is also a tag with the front picture on both sides of the rugs.

These prayer rugs come in many colors, styles, prints, and themes. You can get prayer rugs that emulate places visited by the prophet Mohammed (or believed to be his) in Mecca, Africa, or Persia. Some come with a carousel of animals representing the animals of Islam, or geometric designs. There are also abstract or floral patterns that will make your kids feel as if they’re in a magical land. Your child can use their for other activities too. They can play in the garden, chase bugs away from the plants, or use it as a napkin or cushion.

The possibilities are endless. Your little one can also be creative and dye the rug in any color or pattern they want. With just a small amount of effort, you can give your children a prayer mat that will remind them of Christmas day, when they were given the gifts of gold and silver. Most Kids Prayer Mats are circular, with one end fitting under a chair or sofa. Two end ones fit above the chairs or couches and can be used to prop up a prayer mat table. One of these is great for a child’s room or nursery. Others are made for use on the floor.

A round, square or rectangle shape works best, since it can easily be adapted to any size need. For a peaceful and beautiful prayer mat, you can buy an authentic Islamic product with an animal skin rug. Prayer rugs that are made with real have the ability to withstand heat. You can buy round, square or rectangular shapes, or choose from the many different floral designs. Animal skin is good because it is easy to clean up and you can still use your child’s favorite toys to play on it.