Best Ways to Use your Wooden Pergolas

Custom Wooden pergolas

Your outdoor area should feel like an extension of your house so why not you give it a roof? If you are interested and have space for Pergolas then Wood Touch will provide you a luxurious solution for too much sunshine. No doubt, a pergola for the patio is the best way to add coverage over dining tables and seating areas. It is the best option for you that creates the best combination of sunlight and shade in the sitting area under it.

Pergola is made up of wood metal or plastic. It is shaped like an umbrella but features a lattice-style ceiling. It makes your home exterior safer and more beautiful and creates space to entertain and gather. By installing it, you’ll get a beautiful and charming place to enjoy the natural environment.

Discover Different Ways to use Pergolas

We are always looking for ways to increase our appeal by making our guests’ experience memorable. Now with the impacts from the COVID-19, outdoor spaces are the best option, especially in a service business like restaurants, hostels, and beds.

We have made up a list of custom wooden pergolas to give some evolution on how best to use a pergolas system to upgrade your business. Their design ideas are attractive, useful, and ideal for your space.

For the ideal Entrance

Because the entrance is the first impression for incoming guests so, it’s a sure way to take an entrance from average to outstanding.

For Commercial Space

Pergolas offer space expansion for the overflow of visitors and create a friendly, home-like feel. We are busy and need to ensure that our pergolas are delivered quickly and installed with regulation. We also offer free shipping on all pergolas kits.

For Entertainment

This is a way to increase our business’s interest and will keep clients coming back. That’s why Wood Touch pergolas are the perfect addition.

Pergola Benefits

We have a lot of designs to love about the attractive style of wooden pergolas. But one of the most important advantages is that they are very versatile.  Do you love it? The list of benefits is long but here’re some of the top ways installing a pergola can enhance your home.

  • You can extend your Living Place
  • You can add value to your house
  • Chance to enjoy the Nature
  • You can enhance your garden
  • You can get solar energy

Huge Variety of pergolas

We know one thing, quality matters. Our pergolas can be built-in, any different sizes with a good variety of materials, like;

  •     Wood Plastic Composite Pergolas (WPC)
  •    Pressured treated wood pergolas
  •    Western Red Cedar (WRC)
  •    Vinyl Pergola

They all look amazing in a variety of different garden environments. They often don’t need any weatherproofing, oiling, or other routine maintenance. Our woodworking shop provides the good quality and expertise to help you make money out of fresh air.

Ideas for the roof of pergolas

Shade is an essential part of any space.  A pergola with a roof is named a pavilion. These are more expensive because roofs are heavy. But a roof offers shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. You can order different types of designs like

  The Patio Umbrella

This is one of the best shade options to protect sitting areas from the sun. So hire Wood Touch to install different types of pergolas.

   The Canopy

Canopies are the perfect outdoor shades for beach days, sports games, and parties. These are more affordable than umbrellas and gazebos.

   Patio Gazebo

Finding the best material for the needed things is more a matter of finding the right one for you. Our experts are here to help you in choosing the best option. This is an affordable option for you as we made them with a metal frame. We have a huge variety of this type of pergolas.

   Retractable Shade Pergola

If you don’t want to spring for the roof, but still you want the shade then this is an option only for you. This thing may be good for you that Retractable Pergola can move back and forth.  Just give us a call we’ll be here for you with different verities.

  The Arched Premium

This type of pergola is a bit more expensive than others but Arched Pergolas are beautiful. If you want to buy we will give you a handsome offer, so contact us to get a limited offer.

Top places you may place your pergolas

  • To protect your car
  • Cover your courtyard
  • Cover your decoration
  • To protect your dining table

Buy Online from Wood Touch Team

This is a way for you all over the country to buy pergola Online, while our team is always standing by to answer your question and work with you. You can place your order 100% online.

How much does a custom pergola cost?

Don’t worry about it. We’ve all types of variety and we offer an unrivaled professional service at a competitive price. Even we offer to start enjoying the advantage of low-cost custom wooden made pergolas. When you team with us, you get the financial benefit of purchasing through a wholesaler. For more information about our pricing and affordable shipping options.