Desert race thrilling adventure with buggies in Dubai

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Dubai is one of the world’s most significant cities for many reasons. It is the hub of finance having the offices of all the international companies there. Dubai also has to offer something special for tour lovers. It is famous for its sightseeing tourist attractions like Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world. It also has a lot of shopping malls including indoor ski slopes and giant aquariums. It also has to offer highlights to culture lovers and glamorous modern architecture as well.

Dubai is also popular for its giant deserts for which millions of people visit every year to amuse themselves with the thrilling adventure of desert safari. There are many popular rides that people enjoy on their desert safari tour. Buggy racing is one of the desert sports which people must try once in their desert tour. People usually book Dubai desert motorbike or buggy before their tour. In this blog, we are going to have a look at how you can enjoy your desert race thrilling adventure with buggies in Dubai.

What is desert buggy racing?

Desert buggy racing is the sport carried out in the desert with a four-wheel roofless vehicle called dune buggy. This buggy is specially made for an off-road adventure in the desert. These buggies can go up to 60 miles per hour speed from which you can enjoy a thrilling ride while bashing the mighty sand dunes. These are perfect for one or two people who want to explore the desert more closely.

These buggies are available in single seater as well as double seater. If you want to take your partner in the thrilling ride of desert adventure you can always pick a double seater buggy for your ride. Otherwise, if you want to explore the desert lonely and spend some time just to relax you can choose the single seater buggy. It all depends upon your taste. These buggies are normally rented by multiple tour operators providing services of dune buggy rental Dubai.

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How to ride a dune buggy?

The dune buggy is very easy and convenient to ride. You just have to know few basic riding procedures to get started. If you have already an experience of riding a normal vehicle then it is very easy for you. But if you are riding the vehicle the first time then you have to get to know the riding method of the dune buggy.

If you talk about the riding procedure of buggy which you should if you are a beginner. You should learn first how to brake and how to control the throttle of the buggy. You should never go fast if you are not having enough experience instead you should start slowly. While turning your dune buggy around the edges you have to be extra aware so your buggy can’t slip. You should wear riding gear all the time while riding the buggy to ensure safety first.

Buggy riding is not recommended for kids, aged people, pregnant women, or people having any health problems. However, these people can enjoy the desert safari in a 4×4 vehicle.

Buggy Rental Dubai Booking:

To book a dune buggy for you, you can check the different tour operators in Dubai which provide buggy rental Dubai services. The buggy tour package is available at very reasonable rates, but make sure that you are choosing a trusted travel operator for your buggy adventure so that everything goes smoothly in your tour and you enjoy the most. You can go with services like Enduro Bike Advanture for Dune buggy rental Dubai or Quad Bike rental Dubai services.