Can You Put a King Size Mattress on a Double Bed?

Medium Firm Double Mattress

Beds and mattresses are the essentials of every bedroom. Depending upon the room size and the shades of the wall, one can select the bed size. Whether it’s king-sized or queen-sized. A double bed is the maximum large bed. However, double beds and king-sized are the same things to a large extent, having the same height. Except that the double bed is narrower than the king-sized bed.

For a King bed, you need to go for a solid king mattress that perfectly fits into space. If you place king size mattress on a double bed would make the edges of the mattress more than the bed size. It will not look well. This is because the size of a king bed is 5’0 X 6’6 and that of a double bed is 4’6 X 6’3. Every bed has its specific mattress that fits in its shape. Both the beds are larger than a queen-size bed, approximately 16 inches.

Other Options

The other option for your Kingsize mattress is to make it a floor mattress without a bed. Alternatively, you can buy a bed box, ordering it online, according to your mattress size.

People opt for a medium firm double mattress, on the double bed. It has firm fibers for a leveled surface to sleep on. It is a better option than king-size soft mattresses. It has more health benefits than other mattresses; it can provide a relaxing sleep and it is easier to get out of bed, without the mattress being dislocated inside. It also relieves back pain if one has such conditions for sleep problems.  The mattresses nowadays are of many beneficial purposes and styling designs as well.

One can find the perfect mattress that fits in the crib of the bed, online and in marketplaces. Double beds require a 4’6 mattress. According to that, a king bed is wider than that, and it has a wider mattress. King Mattress would not be appropriate for your double bed. It is longer than the size of a double bed mattress. The UK bed and mattress sizes for king beds are made longer, for extra legroom while sleeping. It has more room than a double bed mattress, but it would not fit your double bed frame.


You can go for any other mattress to buy, from a range of medium to firm bed mattresses. The prices vary according to the type of comfort and material you choose. £300 to £1500 for both bed mattresses. You can select the perfection of polyester or spring adjusted in your mattress. The firm double bed mattresses also range from medium to strong firm. Health advisors prescribe hard mattresses for adults, in a medical point of view, it provides a cure to your spinal cord if continuous usage of a soft mattress affected your back.

You can find all sorts of mattresses for your double bed with the finest size to fit too. However, a king mattress is not a solution for it.