Guide to Create a Custom Rideshare App for an Offline Taxi Business


Hello there! The demand for taxi services is climbing greater heights and this pattern will follow in the future as well. So, if you are running a taxi business, but doesn’t have an exclusive app, then it is high time to consider developing a taxi booking app. Nowadays, it is highly necessary to set up an app for your taxi business, without which your business will become obsolete. Hence, to help you in choosing the right taxi app for your business, this blog has come up with essential insights.

Types of taxi services existing in the marketplace

The different types of taxi services include,

  • Ride-hailing or ride-sharing
  • Car-pooling
  • Peer-to-Peer car sharing

Let us see the types of taxi services in detail in the upcoming sections.

Ride-hailing/Ride-sharing services

Ride-hailing services are the most popular ones among users. Almost all of us would have made use of this taxi service. In this model, a user will book a taxi through the app and wait for the driver’s confirmation. Here follows two instances where a driver may accept or reject the booking request of the user. If the driver is ready to take up the ride, then he/she will send the confirmation. In case the driver is not available, then the same request will be sent to another driver.

Car-pooling services

Car-pooling services are common in the U.S. where multiple users will book the same taxi. Yes, users will share their rides. Uber, Lyft are examples of taxi service providers who offer car-pooling services. The crucial advantage of car-pooling services is that users who travel in the same taxi can split the fare among themselves. Hence, they can travel at an affordable price.

Peer-to-Peer car sharing

Here comes the interesting type of taxi services. In contrast to the above-mentioned taxi services, this model is absolutely unique. Here, car owners will rent their cars for a fixed time period. For every ride, the platform will have to credit the commission amount to the car owner.

So, that’s all with the different types of taxi services existing in the marketplace. Next, we shall discuss the important features of the taxi booking app. Also, the upcoming features are present in popular taxi service provider apps like Uber, Lyft, etc., Therefore, you must never miss out on any of the features. Alright!

Features that will enhance your taxi booking app

User profile

The profile information like name, contact number, address, email ID will be stored under the profile section of every passenger.

Driver profile

Drivers who are registered on the app will have a separate profile that will contain their details.

Track the vehicle

The tracking feature is enabled for the passengers once their booking. They can know the driver’s exact location.

Payment gateways

Users can avail of the different payment methods vested in the taxi app. The need for carrying cash is eliminated with the in-app digital payment method.

Ride history

Users can easily view the number of rides booked on the app and check the ride-related details.

Push notifications

Push notifications will intimate users with information about their bookings, payments and other app-related deets.


Geolocation is one of the security features and it is a must in your taxi app. Through the geolocation features, passengers can easily find the routes in which they are travelling.

Fare estimation

The total fare for the ride will be sent to the users, once they enter the location details.


From this blog, you would have impressed by the smart features included in the taxi booking app. If you wish to switch your offline taxi business to online, then you can consider the Uber clone. Yes, the Uber clone is drenched with all the above-said features and also has robust functionality. Hence, I believe that this blog will be highly purposeful for you.