Difference Between Wedding Sparklers and Regular Sparklers?

Sparklers for Wedding

Sparklers are mini-fireworks that ship off showers of excellent sparks for approximately 40 seconds to one minute and a half. The period of burning time depends on how long the sparklers are. Sparklers also are available in many beautiful colours. There may be a big choice of gold, silver, purple, blue, yellow and lots of other rainbows coloured sparklers.

Sparklers for Wedding

With wedding sparklers, you’ll receive set burn times and a smooth smokeless and ash-less sparkle on your wedding night. Sparklers for Wedding are available in distinct sizes, ten-inch wedding sparklers, 20-inch wedding sparklers, and 36-inch wedding sparklers. The most famous wedding ceremony sparklers have an envisioned burn time of two and a half minutes. These wedding ceremony sparklers are usually used for wedding ceremony sizes of 50 to 125 wedding visitors.

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Regular Sparklers

Regular Sparklers are built with a bamboo stick or steel wire. These sparklers typically resemble the shape of a wire. Everyday sparklers are available in numerous specific lengths beginning from 8 inches and going over 50 inches of length. Moreover, they’re present in a huge number of colourations consisting of pink, blue, green, or even neon colours; however, mostly you’ll see sparkles in the gold shade.

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Main Differences Between Wedding Sparklers and Regular Sparklers

Following are the main differences between Sparklers for Wedding and regular sparklers.


A few variations designed for weddings take things up a stage by bending them into precise shapes. For instance stars, hearts, or numbers. All these varieties create fun on the occasion of a wedding or anniversary! Stars and hearts make exquisite props in your photos, while the numbers let you write out your wedding ceremony date.


The maximum apparent difference between the two types is the packaging. At local stores, you will probably get sparklers for the 4th of July. That doesn’t match with what most people need on their reception tables.

However, sparklers for weddings will appear trendy and feature different beautiful shades suitable for the event. They’ll combo seamlessly into any décor, which offers them a good leg up over the version.


If we talk about regular sparklers you can get them from any local store which is around 8 inches long which lasts for 20 seconds or less than 20 seconds.  

On the other hand, wedding sparklers come in different sizes according to your needs. They are available in the size of 10 inches, 20 inches and 36 inches.


Special Wedding sparklers are also considered smokeless sparklers. They consist of steel wire instead of wood. Moreover, smokeless sparklers are usually available in golden colour. Consider these two things while buying, if you want smokeless sparklers.


Deciding whether a regular sparkler or one designed just for weddings is the right fit depends on a ramification of things. Intimate gatherings or outside occasions are the maximum flexibility. But, when you have your celebration indoor, choosing a smokeless sparkler is better. It’s important to compare the difference between these two categories of sparklers.