Easy Tips to Get More Likes On Facebook

More Likes On Facebook

The world has always been in a race for getting acknowledgment and appreciation, post social media introduction, the race remains the same, but now people are running behind social media reach and likes. And that is fundamentally right; there is no harm in getting some boost and recognition in this competitive world.

Facebook stands tall as a social media king, and it is still a preferred platform for many marketers and businesses for their social media marketing strategy.  Businesses even use the extension and embed Facebook feed on their website to gain more traction. But with such a huge user base, it is important to make your own identity on the platform. Hence, getting more likes and shares becomes important, which eventually establishes your Facebook page.

Facebook likes is a new way to appreciate work, content, or page. In this blog, we will be discussing some amazing ways to get more likes on Facebook.

Smart Tips to Get More Likes on Facebook:

1. Timing

Timing is critical for any social media platform, and the same applies to Facebook. As mentioned earlier, Facebook consists of a huge user base, and hence there are millions of people posting millions of content daily. And always, there will be another page that will be ready to overshadow your social media existence.

Hence, you must time your content well enough so that it reaches your target audience. Keep track of your audience, notice their time when they are active, or indulge in more social media activities. For example, if your business targets office-going people and then try to post after working hours. They will be more active after work because they will look for some entertainment after work or scroll through their feeds while traveling back home. Likewise, if your target audience is school or college students, try to post during the evening.

Timely posting helps you to attain more visibility to your target audience and increases your chances of getting likes and traction.

2. Frequency

The frequency of your posts also determines your reach on Facebook. Mere posting on the Facebook page is not enough to get more likes; hence, you should take care that your posts are regular, relevant, and more frequent. But keep in mind that you don’t overwhelm your audience by posting continuously. Maintain a schedule or plan to post your content.

You don’t have to post every day; posting twice or thrice a week helps your cause to get more likes and reach. And keep a note that you shouldn’t compromise your quality for your quantity. Quality content always remains the king to get more recognition and gather more Facebook likes.

Social media platforms always prefer the pages or accounts that remain active on their platform. You must remain active on the platform, either by posting frequently or sharing posts. Even if you don’t have any content to post, share your old posts or share content from other accounts related to your business. Also, keep in mind that you provide credit to the owner. Frequent posting and activities also boost your reach as the Facebook algorithm promotes your content.

3. Facebook Groups

Facebook provides an amazing feature to its user as a Facebook group. These groups consist of people who share common interests and likes. You can such groups and promote your content there. You can look out for the groups from your industry and joining them, as it will help you extend your business circle and gather some brand recognition.

Even you can make your own group and gather all the people from your social circle, your past customers, and your potential customers. You can post your content there and get more likes.

4. Images

A user will not always engage with dull, plain text content. You must provide some variations on your content and keep your audience engaged. Virtual-based content always helps businesses and brands in their promotional activities as virtual medium increases the vibrancy of the page and stays fresh in the minds of viewers. 

Variation in the feed also helps you to make your website vibrant and lively when you embed Facebook feeds on your website. In this era of the internet, it is important to have a catchy website to attract more visitors and customers. You can use the Facebook feed examples on websites, impress your visitors by providing them with a little sneak into your Facebook existence; this eventually helps you to strengthen your social media presence and helps you to gain more likes.

You can post happy images from your customers or you can promote your products using images. People tend to remember things that they see more than they read. Also, images spark instant communication, and as per the old saying, a picture speaks a thousand words, no matter how cliche it sounds, but still works in the modern world.  Hence images attract people and help you to get Facebook likes.  

5. Run Facebook Contest

One of the most amazing ways to attract audiences to your Facebook page is by running a Facebook contest. Contests and competitions always spark interest in the users’ minds and help you to gain some reach and recognition. You can also increase the traffic as people will be regularly visiting your page to know the contest results. 

6. Taking help from connections

There is nothing wrong with leveraging your friends on Facebook. You can ask your friends, connections, and relatives to join your page and share its content. It increases the chances that if your connections join the page, others will follow. You can also ask them to refer your page to other friends and extend their social media circle reach.


Facebook provides a great boost to your content. By using it smartly and strategically, you can gain more audience for your business and attain more sales. You can also embed Facebook feed on your website by using the social media aggregator tool to extract maximum benefit from this social media giant. Use these tips to boost your reach, attain more likes, and take your Facebook page to the next level.