Enjoy the Great Features and Facilities at Lahore Smart City


The geographical location of Lahore made a perfect place for new projects to create a suitable urbanized area for the people of Pakistan. The latest plan which is Lahore Smart City is comprised of beautiful architecture and an amazing environment for new settlers that will be a groundbreaking entrance in 2021. If you want to enjoy great features and facilities then the Smart City will be an ideal place to book your plots.

What is Lahore Smart City?

The Lahore Smart City (LSC) is a mega-development project which will be a next-generation housing community for Punjab and off-shore Pakistani people. This city will provide the best benefits to plot owners and give a fresh experience to its public.

Habib Rafiq (PVT) LTD and FDH are two masterminds who created this great real estate project which will be launching soon. The Lahore Smart City equipped with four types of blocks includes General block, Executive block, Commercial block, and a brand-new block for Overseas Pakistani.

1- General Block:

This block has affordable price rates and within this sector, you have many perks to avail including mosques, schools, parks, and shopping markets.

2- Executive Block:

This block has 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots with smart technology infrastructure and top-notch features.

3- Commercial Block:

This business block will be offering 3.5, 4, 7, and 12 Marla with a cost-effective plan for clients that can start their business within the Smart City of Lahore.

4- Oversees Block:

The residential block for overseas Pakistanis who can avail this opportunity by buying 7 and 12 Marla plots. At a reasonable price with easy instalment plans.

Location of Lahore Smart City?

The location of LSC is in the most active place near Lahore. This smart city is located on Lahore bypass near Kala Shah Kaku and you can access other roads which are GT Road, Lahore Ring Road, and Sialkot Motorway. You have reach to DHA and Lahore Airport within 17 minutes drive distance. If you want to enjoy great features and facilities then the Smart City of Lahore will be an ideal place to book your plots.

The LSC project planners made this city to avoid the traffic and give you a pollution-free zone to spend your future in a disturbance-free environment. This location will help the business companies to directly contact their suppliers and residential people to reach major Lahore central city within few minutes. Lahore Smart City is the most trending housing society in Lahore among all other societies that are providing the same features and facilities. Habib Rafiq (PVT) LTD and FDH are two masterminds who created this great real estate project which will be launching soon.

Lahore Smart City Features:

Any new housing project requires necessities to give them a competitive edge over other communities.

The smart city of Lahore have some remarkable features that are mentioned below:

  • The advance safe security will be their priority to protect the neighbourhood. And high-tech CCTV cameras located at every block will give you a fully guarded place to live.
  • An Eco-friendly urban city that is filled with parks and trees. This smart city will provide you clean air and green lands around every corner.
  • No shortage in gas, electricity, and water supply with 24/7 power back-up systems. And top service related to any complaints from the residents. Because underground electricity will be a new feature in LSC that will eliminate the visual pollution.
  • Smart homes and villas with everything connected to WiFi. And you can operate your gates, lights, and TV with a single app. The indoor cameras can help you to observe your home activity from any place outside LSC.
  • Easy transport system with best traffic control rooms and energy-saving road lights to give to clear visibility at night. The rainwater drainage system is the net big innovative plan to introduce within this smart city. To create clean puddle-free roads for walking and jogging.
  • The first time you will be able to see open-air theatres and waterfalls giving a unique look for LSC at the highest level.
  • Madame Tussaud’s Pakistan will contain our history in a beautiful style and the best museum for families and friends.
  • The safe cycling tracks including indoor games to attract sports communities. Who can meet at one place and enjoy their social activities.

Facilities in Lahore Smart City:

The LSC will give you basic requirements which include:

  • Intelligent plug-and-play buildings for home and use and office work.
  • Smart hotels provide five-star services and you can get apartments at a low cost.
  • Smart parking with sensors and real-time data collection through cameras for any safety concern.
  • 600 Kanal of lush greenery and small lakes to facilitate outdoor games including golf and cricket.
  • Best hospitals with the latest medical labs and clinics to provide you healthy lifestyle.

How to Book in Lahore Smart City?

Wall.pk is the best real estate solution for advance booking in Lahore Smart City. An Eco-friendly urban city that is filled with parks and trees will definitely the first choice of people. You can get residential or commercial plots full details related to 5,7,10,20 Marla lands. And yes if you are an overseas Pakistani simply visit this site www.wall.pk. And buy plots in Executive blocks for a better smart future life in Pakistan, Lahore.