Everything You’d Like to Know About EU Tyre Labels

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Tyres are true marvels of engineering. This we come to know once our cars are out on the roads. There goes a lot of science behind making these complex machines. Tyres play a mammoth role in deciding the performance of your vehicle. That’s why it’s always advised to choose tyres based on their ratings and performance. There are all kinds of surfaces on which your tyres run. So, you need to fix tyres that provide you value for money and help reduce the carbon footprint in the environment.

As a potential customer, you are often confronted with the question – ‘How do I choose the correct tyres for my vehicle?’ Well, that’s where the role of tyre labels come into the picture. They provide you with all the information about the Continental Tyres Birmingham that you are seeking for. The labels tell you how fuel-efficient your tyres are. They also talk about your tyres’ performance on wet roads, how well they brake on such roads, and the amount of noise they create externally.

Over years, the European Union has entrusted itself with reducing greenhouse secretions to a considerable extent. They hope to do it by the year 2050. The Union feels that even if it reduces the impact of toxic gases like carbon dioxide in the environment, it will achieve its primary goal. The new labels cover commercial vehicles as well. Let’s know how these tyre labels are going to help you as a customer.

Why are Tyre Labels so Important?

  • Tyre labels are important because they let you opt for fuel-proficient tyres. Spending less on fuel means more savings in the future.
  • You make a positive impact on the environment by choosing such tyres.
  • Safety is paramount on the road. When you choose tyres that provide you with all the information about the roads’ grip, you are indeed making the right move.
  • Noise pollution is another grave concern for the environment and tyres which let you know about such feature must be incorporated into your vehicle.

Where Can You Find These Tyre Markings?

You generally find these labels on the Car Tyres Birmingham itself. If you aren’t able to locate them, you must ask your dealer about the same.

What Are The EU Tyre Labels?

We now know that tyres are classified based on rolling resistance, the way they brake on wet surfaces and the exterior noise they create. Earlier, these energy-efficient tyres were given ratings from A to G.

  • Here A means the most efficient tyre, and G means the tyre with least efficiency. Any tyre getting an A rating means its rolling resistance is less; therefore, it needs less energy from the engine to run the vehicle on the road. Requiring less power means less fuel consumption of the car.
  • For the wet braking, the ratings again range from A to G. The former a shorter braking distance while the latter was just the opposite.
  • As far as the external noise is concerned, A here means less noise from the vehicle, and B represents the contrary, which means more noise emitted outside the car.

However, the new regulation has done away with F and G ratings. Tyres will now be classified between A to E. These regulations apply to both kinds of vehicle, electric and internal combustion. The noise from the vehicle can be seen in the decibels on the tyre.

  • Winter tyres strictly meant for extreme snow conditions, are depicted by an alpine symbol or a snowy mountain with three peaks.
  • Winter tyres meant for Scandinavian countries, Finland or Iceland, need to have a symbol that denotes icy pillar.
  • There’s also a QR code that will help the consumer with extra information regarding the EU databank.

When you choose tyres with EU labels, you end up saving approximately 7.5% on the fuel. Research shows that fuel-efficient tyres may require eighty litres of less fuel per year. That’s quite a whopping number. So, go for these tyres and see the difference yourself.