Beautiful Prayer Mats for Your Home

When I was young, my family had a beautiful prayer mats made of wool. They had them in every room of the home. They were loved and adored by every woman in the family. A family table cloth was used to wipe them when it was time for a wash. They were truly a special gift from my grandmother.

In those days, it wasn’t unusual for a prayer mat to be passed down through generations of the Muslim family. It usually would be passed down from father to son. In many families, it became a tradition to have two prayer mats made. One for the men and one for the women. So it was a simple plain white and golden woven plastic prayer mat.

Once, whenever my mother came to visit, she would invariably ask to see the family’s prayer rugs. She would ask how they had gotten their beautiful prayer mats. He would reply that they were handwoven and embroidered by his great-grandmother from Turkey.

My cousins and I used to laugh at this story. It is funny now that we all know how beautiful prayer rugs can be. Now, whenever we visit our grandmothers, we are all excited to see her beautiful prayer rugs. We want to help her to display them because. We want to find out what sort of quality work had gone into them. Needless to say, my cousins and I were the most excited people in the room!

I am not sure if my mother ever told us the story of her beautiful prayer mats. However, I do remember one day looking through her closet and finding them there. Apparently, my cousin had borrowed them from her sister. The only thing my mother knew about these beautiful prayer mats was that they were make of silk. Apparently, my grandmother only used silk prayer mats during summer when she went for picnics or to shield her legs from the cool sun. She definitely did not use them for protection during the cold winter months.

When my cousin and I asked about my grandmother’s beautiful prayer mats, my mom was happy to tell us all about them. She told us that the prayer rugs were hand down from my grandmother to her great-grandmother. Apparently, my grandmother did not have many of her own prayer rugs and hand-made them for the ones she kept. They have kept in an armoire for years.

As you can imagine, my curiosity was sparke and I want to find out more about these beautiful prayer rugs. So I tracked down my great-grandmother’s home office. What I learned was that my mother never gave my great-grandmother any prayer rugs but she did keep a prayer rug in her living room. So needless to say my mother was the one who gave me the information on how to contact my grandmother and how she made them.

I was so excited to find out about my grandmother’s prayer mats. The prayer rugs are very unique and beautiful. They bring so much warmth to my home each and every time I use them. My mother is getting prepare to start her own flower garden now. So I will have to assist her in find the right kind of beautiful prayer mats to adorn her home.

Now that my mother has started her garden I will probably purchase several of the wonderful prayer mats that I found. These prayer mats are make from different materials including silk, cotton, jute, and sisal. They are all beautiful and have their own unique design and texture. I think I am going to purchase my mother’s favorite fabric, the jute, for my prayer mats because it has such a wonderful texture and I know it will keep my home warm during those cold winter months.

You might want to consider purchasing a few of these beautiful prayer rugs to give your home a stylish and personal touch. They are a beautiful addition to any room and provide comfort as well as a wonderful aroma. The aroma reminds me of my mother’s sweet kitchen when I used to sit there and eat with her. I just imagine her getting ready in the kitchen in the wintertime and smelling all the wonderful things that God has placed in her kitchen. That is why I feel so connect to my mother and her beautiful prayer mats because she definitely has had a divine taste in her cooking.

When you go shopping for a beautiful praying mat for your home, you will surely find a few that catch your eye. Make sure that you get a good quality prayer mat with a nice and thick finish because .These are very useful and can actually be used in prayer. They are so versatile and I am sure that my mother would love to have a few of them in her kitchen. She is sure to get lots of compliments on them and I am sure that I will too.