How To Assemble A King Size Bed Frame?

King Size Bed Frames UK

Assembling a king-size bed frame can be very frustrating. For king size bed frames UK, the screws are almost always hard to reach and not in the right place to get them straight. Then placing the rails is another challenging part because aligning them properly is no easy task.

For people who are new in this domain, we have listed a step-by-step process on how to assemble your bed.

Step No 1:

Most of the beds will have two main supporting components: the right leg and the left leg. Start by setting the legs across each other so that there is enough space in between to install the rest of the components.

Step No 2:

The next step will be to install the feet or the wheels to the legs. The legs will have small beams extending from their ends. If you don’t have wheels, you will probably have plastic or rubber feet to install at the bottom. If your bed has wheels, it will come with separate rollers or sliders. This process can be done without using any special hardware.

Step No 3:

Most of the beds come with pre-attached sidearms. The side arms are housed inside the metal legs, and you just need to pull the side arms from the legs. If you don’t have such a type of bed, you will need to install the side arms manually with the provided nuts and bolts.

Step No 4:

If you have a bed that requires installing the side arms with the help of metal plates, you will most probably have a center support beam. Make sure to install the beam and lay it across the very center of the bed. If your bed requires the installation of a center beam, it will have grooves at the center of the frame. That is how you will know if you have to install a center beam.

Step No 5:

Most of the beds come with a baseboard. There can be one, two, four, or even 6 baseboards to support the base of the bed. Install them carefully after installing the center beam. Some metal frame beds come with headboards. Make sure you fully extend that before installing it. Make sure to connect it to any legs if required.

Step No 6:

Now your bed is slowly starting to get shape. Put the frame together and start by placing the headboard against the wall.

It is often quite heavy, and you will need another person’s help to make sure it doesn’t fall. Connect the rails to the headboard by connecting one end of the rail to the headboard and the other to the base end. Tighten them with screws and make sure that the alignment is correct.

Some beds will need to install the center beam after the rails. In such a case connect the rails first with the headboard and frame and then install the beam.

Final word

There you go! Simple and easy steps to install a king-sized bed. It is fun installing your bed yourself, so go on and try it out for yourself.