How to become a professional translator

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Nowadays time is all about digitization. Whichever section of the society we shall go to, digitization is at every corner. You will rarely find a place where digitization hasn’t stepped its feet. Even under-developed nations are relying on digitization to step up their feet to the rank of a developed country.

Everything could be done now within a touch of a button. From buying groceries to get medical treatment, all can be done through digitization or an appropriate term would be the internet. No matter how comfortable or heck of works internet has automized for ourself but one task, this miraculous technology cannot do.

You must be guessing now. I am sure now from the title you have understood what I am talking about. It’s a translation from one language to another. Ivannovation has emerged as the perfect platform that provides the best human translation services to its happy clients worldwide with key services like translate English to Spanish and birth certificate translation.

But this scenario can’t have competed rightly so as several sites offer reliability and trust offering linguistic translation free of cost. No doubt these sites are best in their work that offers quality and utmost demand for a lot of users. But there are many cons associated with it like they don’t provide that accuracy, cannot cope with the cultural aspect of the nation, and many others.

That is the only thing that cannot be attained through online free translation tools. For this, you require a human translation service. Probably the good thing about this that it is the only thing that hasn’t replaced manpower. Despite all the efforts, machine-powered translation cannot replace the human translator for ages the time this profession is been in the limelight decades before.

Scopes of professional translator in US market

The human translator has wider scopes in the market if we talk about our nation, United States. Human translators are growing in demand due to the job prospects related to communication skills and other key aspects. Their scopes are plenty. In fact, in our country, the average salary of a professional translator is $19.67 per hour. Talking about the translator certified by the American Translators Association, they can earn approx. more than $60 per hour.

According to a recent study, the increased job prospect from 2019 to 2029 has been estimated to grow to 20 percent in our United States.

Large multi-national companies are recruiting human translators to increase their productivity to the highest level and reduce turnaround time. Thanks to technology that has enhanced such high scopes of this underestimated profession.


Can a basic level second language speaker be a translator or not?

From such stat, you can easily perceive the on-going demand of this job prospect. Being a human translator is savage that teaches your new thing every day.

But the prime thing that kicks everybody’s mind with the important query that the person who can speak a second language can be a translator or not? The simple answer is no.

No matter how much effective you are in translating the language even in your native language, it is tough. You need to understand the culture where you are living or traveling to. Though freelancing a translator can be easy if you are a native speaker in the second one, but professionally you need to be meticulous.


How to become a professional translator?

For this, you don’t require a bachelor’s degree. There are three types of courses that you can pursue as a career in the translation industry.

  1. Certificate course
  2. Diploma course
  3. Degree course


But if you want to be an avid translator, the foremost thing that could be advantageous is the degree in any stream. Probably specialization in linguistics could be rewarding in a long run.

I guess now you have made up your mind to pursue your career as a professional translator and want to carry forward the legacy of great human translators like Gregory Rabassa. Here is the chance. To enhance your curiosity, Mandarin translation is the highest-paid language in the world with the earning of several million dollars per annum.

Key translation skills for a successful professional

Let us start with the seven translation skills that are vital to raising your core competency. Let us get started now.


  • Advanced linguistic knowledge– to be an effective translator, you need to possess core-level language skills. Nurture your vital industry-oriented skills. Be an effective communicator.


  • Practice as much as you can– practice makes a man perfect is been replaced by the new phrase that practice makes a human perfect. That is the basic difference to be just a human translator to a great human translator. Practice often. Talk to someone to become the second person and try to practice in front of them.


  • Key research skills- to be an effective translator, one more important thing is to brush up on your research skills. Try to do research as much you can. This way you can turnaround the research the translated article to the topmost level.


  • Bring on your writing skills- to be a translator, lastly but not least is to be a good content writer. There are often multiple meanings of a single word. You need to understand the words. There might be many grammatical errors. Get yourself set for this one and make content writing your cup of coffee. This is the second major after practicing to be a great translator. Successful translators adopt these key strategies.


How to look for a translator job in US market?

These are some of the major qualities to be an avid human translator. If you have all these qualities plus the requisite qualification. Here in brief few steps are mentioned to look for this job in the US market. Have a look.


  1. Choose your language in which you want to excel
  2. Get yourself adjusted to the environment
  3. Look for translation jobs online
  4. Be more specific in that particular job-research like adding more filters to it.
  5. Participate in online forums


Summarising this entire worthful article in brief with the short message to all the aspiring translators is that success is not overnight. You need to be extremely proactive and willing to learn new words in the market. I am sure the above article has fulfilled all your queries. Still, if you have any, don’t forget to comment below.

Have a great day.