How To Get Real Estate Leads As A New Realtor

Just like in any other job, finding your footing in the real estate industry can be quite challenging. As a new realtor, you have to give your all from the get-go and be ready for the obstacles that will come your way. You also have to polish your skills and learn effective strategies in lead-gathering to be on the right track to building a fruitful career in this field.

Because of how competitive the real estate world can be, you will have to really work hard. You should know how to find seller leads and convert them. Listing leads for realtors do not exactly come easy, and a lot of newcomers struggle. What can you do to generate more seller leads? How do you get a hold of these listing leads for realtors to get ahead in the competitive world of real estate?

Build an online presence

Your company will most likely have an official website where a profile of you can be found. However, it is recommended that you have your own online presence that you manage yourself. By creating your own website or having your own social media page, you can provide more extensive information on your skills and specialties. You can write blog posts that discuss common real estate topics, provide answers to frequently asked questions related to the real estate market in your area, and other points that you want to talk about to showcase your knowledge in the field. With the freedom that having a personal online presence affords you, you can build your personal brand and get your name out there the way you want.


Having to spend a little bit of money to kick start your career is unavoidable in a lot of situations. As a new realtor, you should be prepared to invest in advertising to let people know that you exist. Through paid advertising, you can let potential clients know that you offer a service they need. Some examples of advertisements that you might want to consider are billboards, flyers, business cards, or an ad in the community or local paper. You can also use the Internet to market yourself by running ads on social media pages, being active on big real estate discussion boards and forums, and guest blogging for real estate websites.

Find your niche

Real estate encompasses quite a wide range of properties, from luxury homes and historic homes to student rentals and fixer-uppers. You can decide on which particular niche interests you and work on becoming an expert in it. By focusing your efforts on something more specific, you can better immerse yourself and develop a brand and reputation that is easier for people to remember.

Expand your network

Knowing the right people can help you achieve your real estate goals. In your area, find companies and individuals that you can build mutually beneficial partnerships with. Go to industry events and conferences. By being active, you can build your network and also gain important knowledge about the real estate situation in your area.