How to make your scheduling and dispatching easy?

How to make your scheduling and dispatching easy

Imagine yourself in the 1990s, when customer’s demand from the business was to fulfill their needs with a product of their desire. But in the modern age, customers want to be empowered by making appointments on their own, getting notifications, and tracking their job status. So, managing the scheduling and dispatching efficiently in this era has become the core of any business, and achieving excellence in this would lead a business to success.  

Companies in the service industry are now giving up on paper-based planning,  scheduling, dispatch, and route planning and using digital platforms for crew scheduling and dispatch

There are a plethora of companies that are providing digital solutions for field crew management but choosing the right solution for your business’s needs is very important. Therefore, I am going to share a few features that you must look for in any software 

Empowers your crew

Like your customers, being a successful business requires you to empower your employees as well. A powerful crew management software would enable you to send work requests, changes in schedule, and updates about the tasks when they are in the field. Moreover, at the start of the day, they must see their schedule to better plan their day and energy. Lastly, empower your field teams by giving them access to customer information at the right time

Do not Keep Your Customers in Dark

As its said that, “Customer is the king.” Your customers want to have autonomy and do not want to be left in the dark. A powerful scheduling and dispatch software would let you empower your customers by allowing them to track the progress of their job, have two-way communication with the field crew and dispatchers, and seamless bookings, etc. 

Field team management platforms enable you to have accurate job schedules to gain customer trust by valuing their time and expectations. 

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Help you make informed decisions.

The current era is a time of ‘data.’ If you are not collecting data, storing it, performing analysis, and using it to drive your future, you have already lost most of your market share because all successful companies are now using data to run their businesses. Data helps you understand inefficiencies in your planning process. By performing requisite analysis, you can view the leakage in your resources, utilization of your crew and equipment, and the time duration for each job. 

A power field crew management platform will help you collect and analyze data regarding your crew and equipment utilization, fuel usage, and different time duration and then present reports so that you can make very well-informed decisions about your future operations. 

Moreover, a good solution will empower you to collect necessary information such as signatures, proof of delivery, and receipt generation digitally. This would make the collection and transfer of data quicker and speed up the processes. 

Easy-to-use dashboard

The purpose of adopting a digital solution is to increase the efficiency and productivity of your dispatcher and crew members. If the solution you adopt is obscure, it will kill the purpose of implementing such a solution. 

A crew management software must have an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use dashboard so that your dispatcher can easily create new tasks and respond to unforeseen circumstances by quickly changing the required details. Moreover, it must present information in more than one way so that each dispatcher can comfortably view the information. 

Allow multiple integrations

Each organization uses multiple applications, CRMs, and add-ons to manage its routine operations. Therefore, your selected platform must have the capability to bring the data from all applications to one place for seamless communication. It is only possible if the crew management system allows multiple integrations from CRMs and add-ons. 

I would highly recommend you look at Arrivy’s digital scheduling and dispatch platform that has reduced inefficiencies by 30%. It has a power optimization tool, an easy-to-understand dashboard, a job journal, and digital forms.

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