Know Are About 4×4 TYRES


If you are an adventure lover who loves backpacks, camping, long drives and jungle-safari, there are chances that you might have heard about off-road tyres or high-performance tyres but do you know what 4×4 tyres are? Remember those ads, where there is an SUV climbing down a mountain at high speed or a black jeep running smoothly in the woods. 

Yes, we are talking about those special tyres which are affectionately known as 4×4 tyres.

4×4 tyres are quite different from normal passenger car tyres. These tyres are mainly off-road tyres that are designed to perform in muddy, snowy and harsh surfaces. It is important to know that some 4×4 Tyres Fareham can perform on all kinds of surfaces.   


Better Traction

4×4 tires offer better traction on dangerous surfaces and ensure the driver’s safety and others by providing a controlled grip.

Low Fuel Consumption

Generally, high-performance tyres and off-road tyres consume a high amount of fuel as they drag on roads, but 4×4 tyres are fuel-efficient.  

Low Maintenance

These tyres have sturdy treads and sidewalls, and they do not get damaged easily. There is always a low risk of a flat tyre if you are driving with 4×4 tyres.


These tyres are a bit costly compared to other types of tyres, but in the long run, they are very cost-effective because of low maintenance, low damage risk and strong body.


Not for Normal Surface

4×4 tyres are designed so that more rubber comes in contact with the road to provide friction, which is why they have some limitations. They are not effective on a normal surface because they generate more friction than is required.

Less Shelf Life

The excessive rubber compound they have softens on a normal surface, leading to a reduction in longevity and loss of performance.

High-fuel Consumption

4×4 tyres drag on the road because they provide too much grip on a normal surface. It lowers the speed of the vehicle and leads to an increase in fuel consumption.



As the name suggests, their tyres can perform equally well on both the highway and off the highway. They are cheap compared to other off-road tyres, and one can buy them if they plan to spend some time on the highway and some other surface. These tyres are designed with interlocking tread elements that better grip mud, dry snow, and cemented roads.

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High-Performance tires are quite famous among sports Car Tyres Fareham and other SUV owners, as they are designed to give the riders a delightful experience. They are modified to deliver better traction in both wet and dry conditions. High-performance tires have a stronger blend of adhesive, which is achieved through the chemical nature of the rubber compounds. 

The unique tread patterns of these tyres provide better road holding capacity, especially on dry roads. They provide better grip and response because of their sturdy sidewalls, which also minimizes the shaking of the vehicle when there is a change in the speed.


If you love adventure and want to take your vehicle to a muddy or snowy surface, you should choose mud-terrain tyres. These tyres are bigger than other tyres, and they have sturdy sidewalls to tackle the obstacles. They provide a strong grip on all kinds of off-road surfaces. They are made with a large, chunky tread pattern to enhance the grip.


For driving in snowy conditions, nothing is better than snow tyres. These tyres are best for use in areas where it snows a lot. It is important to note that there is a lot of difference between snow tyres and winter tyres. Winter tyres are designed to deal with snow, rain, ice and dry roads. They have a soft rubber compound that remains supple at low temperature and provides a better grip on snowy roads, but they are not useful in harsh winters. 

Duties to keep your tyres happy:


  • Inspection: Cracks due to stones or glass may get more comprehensive with time and cause flat tyre situations. Thus, a proper visual inspection is necessary to avoid any surface irregularities like bulges or cuts. Remember to check inner surfaces too.
  • Tyre rotation: Rotating tyres at regular intervals is the best way to have an equal tear and wear across the tyre. Thus, rotating tyres help extend their service life.
  • Check tyre pressure: The pressure of tyres should be checked after every two weeks, including that of the spare. This is important as improper inflation can cause uneven wear of the tyre surface. This might lead to tyres’ bursting without giving any warning.
  • Highway: Tyres that run on highways are designed in such a way that they can offer a good road trip in both dry and wet weather conditions. These tyres provide better performance and fuel efficiency. Usually, these tyres are more significant than tyres that run in cities.


  • All-terrain: Such tyres are manufactured to achieve a proper balance between on-road and off-road driving. You can also use them on highways, but they provide a lower grip than highway tyres. They help to balance the vehicle while off-roading due to their better grip on painful road conditions.


  • Mud-terrain: These are specifically designed for off-roading. These tyres have big tread blocks that have a good grip on a variety of surfaces and terrains.