Mistakes to avoid getting followers on Twitter

Mistakes to avoid getting followers on Twitter

Mistakes to avoid getting followers on Twitter – Think of social media channels as languages ​​unto themselves. In social networks, only the content and the value of the conversation are of interest.

Companies should not invest in social networks expecting immediate results, since social networks help above all to build relationships with potential customers and keep them at their highest point with current ones.

Put tactics before strategies. Many brands put too much focus on social media tactics, such as setting up a Facebook fan page, gaining followers on Twitter, or building viral video collections.

Social media is not a direct mail advertisement. We should not expect social media to play a role in direct sales strategy. Instead, your role will be to influence viral conversations, make your brand visible, improve customer service, and somehow engage with those people in a friendly tone.

Why do this?

When it comes time to decide on a purchase, do you think people will trust a friend’s recommendation or a commercial?

Mistakes to avoid getting followers on Twitter


Be transparent. The circus is over: in social networks, companies will no longer be able to promise the impossible, much less lie. These attitudes are easily discovered, and worse, they spread at the speed of light among thousands of people on the web.

That is why a brand will have much better results in social networks if it is dedicated to total transparency and to truly show what they are and what they offer.


Don’t be afraid to over-share. Share everything that you think your contacts might be interested in, such as photos of your offices, real-time tweets during important events, videos, and even live broadcasts.

It is not the same as traditional advertising, and people are never bored that you are willing to show and spread everything that you think is interesting about your brand.


There is always some smart guy who wants to save the time and effort of creating a community to which they can add value on social networks. So they decide to buy followers.

What is it for? To feed your ego. Nothing more.

It is fine to get 10,000 followers in a day but it is useless if they are bots. The goal of being on social media is to create a community around your brand. If you want 10,000 robots to follow you, buy yourself a Roomba.


It’s great that you automate certain processes like promoting your content. Now, is it really necessary to send an automated private message to your new followers? Do you think it’s natural?

“Hello, Fulanito. Thank you very much for following me. I am an expert in Facebook Ads and etc.

Is this the professional value contribution treatment you want to give? I do not think so.

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Yes, the follow back is a strategy that usually works. Now, don’t abuse her. Use it wisely.

When you follow someone, they like you, discover you, enter your profile and maybe they will follow you. So many people do what they do is follow hundreds of people a day to get hundreds of followers back.

This strategy applied intelligently, can make you grow a lot on Twitter.

If you follow relevant people and from your sector (or a related one), it is perfect.

If you follow anyone just to add a follower, you’re wasting your time.

And if you automate this process with an application that follows thousands of people alone, you have directly lost the north.