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Omninos is a Chandigarh-based Mobile APP Development Company. Mobile apps, we believe, are habit-forming products. Companies can use them effectively for a variety of initiatives.

Mobile apps can be used to sell products and services to customers. You can also use it to improve the efficiency of your company’s processes.

So why choose us?

To put it another way, we “empathise with our customers” and “build apps with souls.”

  • On top of that, we have –
  • A group of 35 mobile app developers is on the job.
  • More than 100 Android and iOS apps have been successfully delivered in the last ten years.

And, what more?

We have perfected the use of the hardware and software features of cell phones. It helps us build next-generation features for your mobile app.

GPS location, motion sensor, fingerprint, camera, microphone, alerts, in-app billing, and other features are among them.It’s also worth mentioning that we were one of India’s first Flutter app creation companies.

Our applications have been featured in the App Stores many times. They’ve also received recognition from business leaders. Multiple review agencies have called us the best mobile app development company in Chandigarh.

Mobile App Development Services

    • Portable App Consultation: Allow us to help you draw the guide of rejuvenating your application thought and help you to make the existences of your clients simpler and bother free. With our Mobile App Consultation administration, get legitimate experiences about what are the best methodologies that can be accustomed to rejuvenate your application thought.
    • iOS App Development: The quantity of individuals picking Apple gadgets is expanding each and every day. It has made a requirement for brands to update their quality on the iOS stage. We create custom versatile applications for iPhones, iPads and in any event, for Apple Watch and Apple TV. 
    • Android App Development: We give bespoke portable applications to Android gadgets, which will help you increase the value of your clients and furthermore assemble your image picture. Having an android application for your business will help you minister better business methodologies as you can reach over a billion dynamic Android gadgets through your application. 
    • Wearable Development: With fresher mechanical headways and better gadgets, individuals are deciding to settle on wearable gadgets, for example, smartwatches notwithstanding their cell phones. Having a presence on these gadgets would help you fabricate a customized level of interfacing with your clients. 
    • Reformist Web Apps: Reformist Web Apps or PWA has become another type of portable application improvement. It requires less space, utilizes insignificant web network and is stage free. It is considered as a decent beginning stage to make your image’s quality on cell phones.

Mobile APP Development Company Process

  • Client Interview: It is the most essential yet pivotal advance of our interaction. This progression causes us to comprehend the vision of the customer and the objective that they are attempting to accomplish from their application.What’s more, if there is a circumstance wherein the customer isn’t clear about their thought then we counsel the customer and help them acquire clearness on their venture. 
  • Degree Analysis: When the thought behind building the application has been passed on appropriately, we recognize our colleagues who might be working with you on your venture. In this progression, we likewise minister the documentation that will help us while building up your application. The documentation guarantees that everybody is in the same spot with respect to the advancement of the venture. We additionally characterize the achievements and timetable for the task in it. 
  • UX and Wireframes: The plans and wireframes for each application screen are made alongside the progression of the application. This is imparted to the customer for endorsement and criticism. This progression additionally assists with characterizing the whole client experience. 
  • Representation: In light of your information sources and your inclinations, or your image rules (on the off chance that you have one), we begin building up the different components for the UI. We set up the expectations which would be engaging for your customers. We’re considered as the top portable application advancement organization in chandigarh with regards to UI and UX planning. Our UI plans are natural and easy to utilize. We sympathize with the objective client while planning the UI. 
  • Usage: In this progression, the group begins to code the application. We utilize a coordinated philosophy for the usage of the task. The undertaking is actualized in different runs, each having an all around characterized objective. Toward the finish of each run, advancement appears to the customer. 
  • Advancement and Polishing: All the created units are advanced and cleaned to guarantee consistency. Furthermore, the versatile application is likewise advanced with the goal that it can work appropriately on various renditions of the portable working frameworks. 
  • Testing: The modules are independently tried for escape clauses and bug fixes. We have characterized in-house quality confirmation principles for portable application advancement. Just once those principles are met sufficiently, the application is imparted to the customer for definite endorsement and approval. 
  • Item Launch: After the versatile application is endorsed by the customer, we continue for its arrangement on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. We guarantee that the application is consistent with the conventions advanced by the separate application stores. At last, the application is dispatched. 
  • Upkeep and Support: When the versatile application is dispatched effectively, we enter the upkeep and backing stage. In this stage, we guarantee that the versatile application runs easily in the most recent forms of the working frameworks. We additionally attempt the errand of fixing bugs in the application and rolling out little improvements in the application dependent on the customer’s inclinations.