Online Private Limited Company Registration Dubai


Dubai is one of the most advanced cities of UAE with a cluster of developed businesses operating within the state. In 2021, online company registration Dubai is becoming a trend for entrepreneurs. The swift process and easy communication between business parties made Dubai a global hub of commercial activities.

The private limited company formation and registration in Dubai can be done in different ways but the most trustworthy procedure is submitting your legal documents through online mode. In the next section, you will get details about the requirements and steps for an online business startup in Dubai.

Requirements for Company Registration Dubai

To register your private limited company in Dubai there are some important documents which necessary to submit to economic departments.

  • The Article of Association consists of all the information about online company owners and shareholders details.
  • The passport copies of all the firm partners and employees.
  • Your startup documents explain the business model and nature of your company.
  • The pre-approved permit from DED (Department of Economic Development).
  • The official registration form is required by Dubai Chamber and DED.
  • Get a License form for your business. You need a specific license for commercial, industrial and professional business.
  • Your Emirates ID and residential VISA papers.

These documents can be acquired through E-services supported by the Dubai Chamber of commerce. The online submission of the documents can be possible with the help of business consultants who can send and receive your online documents within days. After collecting your documents there are some official steps to be followed to finalize your limited company formation and registration in Dubai.

Steps for online private company registration Dubai:

Here are some major steps that are crucial for your company registration. If any of these steps were not followed properly then it may result in the cancelation of your application. With the help of the Dubai DED website, you can enter data without any errors.

  • You need to select your limited company business category:

The website will request your complete business details. You need to fill in all the required information by entering your company type, owners’ details and enter the Emirates ID number. The business consultancy firms in Dubai who are helping numerous limited companies to establish their business in UAE are the best clients for you to submit this information through online governmental sites.

  • The second step is that you have to define your company’s activities:

The limited company has a system to operate their business which includes transactions, shareholders details, employees’ job tasks, and last but not least official business deals with local and offshore companies.

The online registrations demand the digital files to be submitted with approved stamps from DED.

  • The third step is licensing fee and form submission:

The license payment depends upon your business kind. Each class has its fee packages.  You can discover the official license fee list on the Dubai Chamber site or your business consultants can guide you to pay an affordable fee online.

  • The fourth step is to find local sponsors:

The local sponsors are the core of your company registration Dubai procedure. These sponsors give the green signal to your governmental approvals. It is difficult for entrepreneurs to make a deal with local partners.  The business consultancy team can play a major part in making a strong bond between the local sponsors and startups.

Local sponsors required 51% ownership of your company before approving your online registration application.  It is advisable to get experienced business consultants who manage to make a good deal without any trouble.

  • Get office space:

The online company formation in Dubai can only be possible if you have an office building to operate your tangible or intangible business procedures. There are some official office space lending sites in Dubai where you can select and pay the fee to get your ideal fully furnished business rooms.

  • Open bank account:

The online banking system in Dubai is far better than other international commercial cities. In Dubai, you can find a suitable bank to create your account and paste your transaction copies with your online registration form.

Your business consultant can guide you to help to create a bank account with legal documents submission. All the authentic banks can only give you a loan for your private company if you are officially registered with DED.

  • Completing your registrations’ requirements and approved forms:

The very last step is to submit your online company registration Dubai application form. Attach the required documents which have stamps and signatures from DED and DUBAI Chamber.  You will get your official license and approval report from DED within days.

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  • Register trademark with the approval of Dubai Court.

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