How to fix QuickBooks error 101?

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Before Start to know about QuickBooks error Let us understand about QuickBooks,  Quickbooks is accounting software which provides tools that manage customer, clients, vendors, expense, and finance of our business. The report center provides the tracking aspects of our business which include QuickBooks sales, income, QBO pricing, manages overall company growth, and QuickBooks online accountant.

Quickbooks are available at the desktop view as well as QuickBooks cloud view like QuickBooks apps. Basically, the QuickBooks apps is a mobile application to access financial records on mobile anywhere and anytime.

Let us know about QuickBooks error 101

QuickBooks error 101 is a technical error which is related to online banking when user wants to import their financial transaction to the bank.
Basically, QuickBook error 101 will be encountered when we trying to add a bank with no valid account from the online banking account. We can say that QuickBooks error 101 is a scripting error that generally appears when windows are not acceptable to complete the command required to run a web-based application. When there is an issue with the window components which may impact and leads to errors like 101 error.

In this error, we are not supposed to link our bank account for importing financial transactions.
we can say that no valid account should satisfy one of the criteria like:

  • No transaction held for the last 12 months,
  • when the account is unable to accept the terms and agreement from the online banking website.

Causes for QuickBooks error 101

There are several causes which encounter Quickbook error 101 :

  • Poor and unfavorable internet explorer.
  • Old versions which are not displaying the function of QuickBooks.
  • Some windows are failing to run the .Net framework and more components.
  • Disabled script debugging feature.
  • The damaged or missing file can also be encountered in error 101.
  • When third-party internet security applications block QuickBooks for security concern.
  • When bank server is down due to Maintainance.

How to fix/resolve QuickBooks error 101

When the QuickBooks error 101 will be encountered then some method is listed below which troubleshoot the error in the least possible time:

  1. Check the internet connection:

  • In this method, the connectivity of the internet will check .and when we got the connectivity error then we will try to troubleshoot the connectivity issue first.

                  2. Make the internet connection setting to favor the troubleshooting:

In order to establish a strong connection between QB and Bank’s server, we need to follow some steps:

  • Find and click the help tab in QuickBooks located at the top.
  • Now select use my computer internet connection settings
  • Click next and then Finish to confirm the changes.
  • Again try to update bank feeds in QB

                  3.  Update banking in QBO manually

IF none of the above methods are working the try by using this method:

  • Go to the dashboard and navigate the banking section to open Quickbooks online.
  • Now select banking
  • Try to update online banking transactions in QBO by clicking on update.

                 4.If all of the above method s are not working to fix the QB error 101. then try this last method:

  • First, tap the help icon to connect the support agent
  • Click on contact us.
  • Tick on starting an email button.
  • Provide the account information.
  • Last click on send email.


In the last, we want to conclude that we provide the information about QuickBooks and Quickbook errors. We are tried to provide our best information and methods to fix the QB error 101.

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