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In this digital world, QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software because its three factors are safe, reliable, and accurate. today my topic will focus on QB error 3371. When you reconfigure your desktop or activate your QuickBooks for the first time error 3371. Your QuickBooks can conflict with error 3371.
What is the QB error 3371
In such a way that intuit makes it necessary to store licensing information on the hard drive. If that information, file, or license data is corrupted, damaged, or disappeared.
License properties could not be started:-

Error 3371:- Could not load QuickBooks license data.

Reason of QuickBooks error code 3371

Window operating system and or an antivirus program that quarantines some QuickBooks desktop files.
A component or file required to run by QuickBooks desktops is damaged or unavailable.
The license information cannot be retrieved or validated.
The Microsoft MSXML file is enabled to be executed.

Symptoms of QB error 3371

The error code with a specific status code will appear.
In extreme cases, users might even experience system crashes.
Users will not be able to access files and other data.

When QB Error 3371 displayed on the desktop?

Below some steps:-

Moving QuickBooks installation from one system to another.
Misplaced or damaged license information during QuickBooks installation.
Moving data between drives.

How to FIx a QB Error 3371

First method:- for accessing the running command, you can press the window with the R button (window+R).
After the enter press ok button
The Explorer window will be open.
Then you have to locate the ECML file. Right-click on this file and select the delete button and delete it.


In the above, we discussed the QB Error 3371. we include the detail of QB error 3371, its reason, causes .we also talk about the solution to fix the 3371 error.

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