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What Are the Most Important Goole SEO Ranking Factors?


Search Engine worksRanking factor of website depends on 250 parameters of Google. Following are some of the factors:

• Keyword in Title:
1. Keyword in Title must limited to 60 to 70 characters.
2. Keyword in Title creates positivity to user.

• Relevance:
1. It is the term used to describe how connected or applicable the SERP is to the keyword.
2. Relevance if the Search Query within the Title
3. Relevance if the Search Query with the SERP Description
4. Content Relevance with respect to the Query
5. Relevance of the internal, outbound & incoming links with search key words.

• Page Rank: Page Rank is one of the factors used by Google to determine the ranking of a page. A high page rank does not mean high SERP ranking. Ranking is given from 0 to 10 otherwise it is denoted as ‘unranked’.

• Quality Links: The popularity of targeted page is increases with every other page the reference it. It is not the number; it is the quality of the linking document. Not all incoming links are treated equal.

• Content: The proximity and length of the content should be good enough to understand.

• Site / Domain Age

• Keywords:
1. in Content
2. in Meta Tags
3. in Anchor Texts
4. in Menus and Description
5. in Alt Image Tag
6. In URL’s
7. in Folder Name

• Links from Authority Sites: Any link from academics & education journal indicates an expert & authority status for the site. This is given a very high importance by the search engines.

• Links from Blogs:
1. References in major blogs are a proof of site maturity in terms of content & authority.
2. This improves the reputation & perception of the site visitors.
3. Search engines offer blog search capability to users.


• Site / Domain Age:
1. The longer a site is existing, the better the scrutiny & quality of the contents.
2. The greater the domain age, the more exhaustive the content of the site. A long standing domain will have more quality inbound links and thus a higher PR & SERP ranks.

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