Reliable liquid level measurement and control instruments for the chemical industry

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The constantly upgrading of environmental and safety standards, strict product quality requirements and low-cost operation are all kinds of complex challenges that chemical industry must face. In order to meet the increasing demand of customers, the chemical industry must keep the leading position in the market with advanced technology and reliable products. To realize advanced technology, we need to have the professional knowledge of instrument and automation market to choose the liquid level measurement of the liquid and solid materials needed by the appropriate instrument.

Puna technology control is a perfect partner, providing a comprehensive range of product level measurement and control instruments, as well as process automation expertise. The chemical industry needs accurate and reliable liquid level measurement and control instruments to overcome the following challenges that are usually encountered in its operation.

1. corrosive liquid and environment

In the chemical industry, it is inevitable to deal with corrosive and corrosive liquids. Chemicals to be treated may be highly acidic and alkaline. Corrosive gases are often present in tanks / containers. The level measuring instruments installed on this tank must be able to work accurately for a long time. The mechanism of high and low monitoring, the instrument must be able to maintain the corrosion environment. There are risk factors of personal injury in the method of manual monitoring level. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the process, it is very important to design the instrument accurately. The advanced technology provided by Puna technology control instrument is highly accurate. Measurement technology:

2. safety regulations and regulations

In the chemical industry, safety is an important parameter. Some chemical industry plants have inherent risks because reactive chemicals are stored in tanks / containers. The measurement and control operations of these processes must be controlled automatically or remotely, with minimal manual participation. Some chemicals are flammable and can cause fire hazards. In order to meet the safety requirements, the design of techrollininstrums meets all safety standards. Puna technology has a wide range of products for approval, verification, certification and testing, and meets all safety standards and environmental codes and regulations.

3. materials with different viscosity, specific gravity and dielectric constant value

The viscosity, specific gravity and dielectric constant of the material to be monitored are very important for the design and selection of instruments suitable for specific operation. Techrol makes liquid level measuring instruments based on various principles. When designing and manufacturing instruments, the precise values of these parameters must be provided to the user. The accuracy of viscosity, specific gravity and dielectric constant in turn ensures the accuracy and reliability of liquid level monitoring instrument. Measurement technology:

4. high temperature and high pressure conditions

In chemical industry, there are heat absorption and exothermic processes, which may occur at high temperature and high pressure. In such critical conditions, factory operators need accurate and reliable monitoring application solutions. In this changing temperature, pressure and corrosive medium, the technical level measuring and control instruments can work satisfactorily under this condition

5. smoke, dust and fire hazards

The tank environment where fly ash is stored is high temperature and dusty. In addition, some chemicals / materials can produce smoke, which may cause fire in chemical plants. When the fine dust suspended in the air is ignited, dust explosion will occur, which will cause very rapid combustion and may harm people. The results of the instrument must help avoid unnecessary conditions. The liquid level instrument provided by Puna technology has a strong flameproof enclosure designed to provide accurate results in extreme conditions.

6. improve equipment efficiency

Because of its accuracy and reliability, the technology control liquid level measuring instrument plays an important role in improving the efficiency of the device. Techrol uses modern technology to address the challenges of continuous improvement in horizontal measurement, helping the industry improve product quality and efficiency. The following instruments are examples of this advanced technology.

Ultrasonic transmitter is a kind of guided wave radar

Radar level transmitter with FMCW Technology

Magnetostrictive transmitter

Displacement type transmitter

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