The Use of Corrugated Boxes for a Higher Level of Safety for CBD Tinctures

cbd tincture boxes

There are many ways of taking CBD products orally. These methods include eating CBD gummies, chocolates, candies, capsules, and a lot of other products. Among the orally taken CBD products, cannabidiol oils and tinctures are some of the most famous.

These are often confused as being the same product, but there are many differences between the two. For starters, CBD tinctures have extracted cannabidiol in a solution of alcohol and water. In contrast, CBD oils are actually extracted CBD with some carrier oil. The potency and CBD content among the two types of products is also different, with oils being the ones with more potent doses.

However, when it comes to their packaging, it is not much different. As both of these products come inside small glass bottles with usually a dropper on top. To keep these glass bottles safe from damage, the outer packaging is used. The reason for using this packaging is to keep the glass bottle protected as it is fragile and can break easily. That external packaging is called CBD tincture boxes.

The CBD tinctures have to make many stops before finally reaching a customer. During its journey, the glass tinctures have to endure a lot of collisions. These collisions can easily break the tinctures and waste the product. It is not what the retailers or the brands would want. So, the role of tincture boxes is crucial in delivering a product safely.

Tincture Boxes

Generally, the tincture boxes are tuck-top boxes made from cardboard, but that’s not compulsory as they can be of another type of boxes as well. These boxes can be bookend boxes, two-piece boxes, slider boxes, or some other type. Whatever type of boxes, the primary job of the packaging stays the same, which is to keep a product safe from any damage.

Like the style of boxes, you can select the material as well. For a better safety of the product, you can go with corrugated material. The shipping boxes of courier companies are made from this material. The strength of corrugated boxes lies in their structure. The corrugated panels are made with layers. Two layers are the flat side panels, whereas the third layer is of fluted material that is sandwiched between two flat layers. Because of the fluted layer, the material offers better resistance against shocks.

Custom Corrugated Tincture Boxes

Custom packaging gives you the option of selecting everything in the packaging the way you want. You can go with different box styles with the dimensions of your choosing. Apart from making of the packaging, you can also go with various printing and finishing options.

The number of printing and finishing options depends on the outer surface of the corrugated panel. If it is bleached, the number of printing and finishing options is similar to that of cardboard. In the case of an unbleached and brown Kraft-like surface, the number of customizations is identical to what you get with Kraft.

Corrugated tincture boxes with the bleached surface are usually a better option as most brands like to have their artwork on the packaging. Along with the artwork, they want their proper branding on the boxes as well. For that, the brands often add branding details like their logo and tagline. Such branding helps in showcasing the name of their brand as well.

From what I have learned with my experience in the packaging industry, unbranded packaging or the packaging that does not display the branding details to the fullest is wasted potential for a product. The branding highlights the name of your company and also helps in getting brand loyal customers. So, branding is something you should invest in as it can be very beneficial.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the corrugated boxes are a more secure packaging solution for CBD tinctures. Using this packaging the right way, you can protect a product and promote it.