Things To Be Mindful Before Your MOT Test

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MOT is a must for cars that are three years or older, ensuring your car is maintaining standard regulation in terms of exhaust emission and road safety. MOT is a must for your car annually, or else, your vehicle would be designated as illegal. MOT is that time of the year when you check and double-check all the car components and do repairing as necessary.

Even after such hard work, many cars fail their MOT due to small issues which could be easily avoided. Here you would find some notable factors to be mindful of before going for MOT.

Do Not Forget To Check Your Brake Fluid

The brake fluid is present inside the master cylinder which is present in front of your car on the flat surface. There are two markings present with ‘minimum,’ and ‘maximum,’ and the ideal brake fluid should be in between. If it hits the bottom, contact your local shop to get brake fluid depending on your car model. Usually, clear or amber, it could turn brown as your car ages.

Brakes form a crucial component of your car and play a vital role in your safety while driving. Before your MOT Newbury inspection begins, check your brake pedals and whether it is in good condition or not, otherwise remove the air from the hydraulic system.

Check Your Front, Back, and Warning Light

Before MOT inspection, make sure you switch on all the lights and look out for a blown bulb. Check whether the rear and front fog lights are in perfect condition or not, replace what is necessary.

Annual MOT is also a great time to focus on the warning signs, if any, on your dashboard. During MOT, if the inspection agent turns on the ignition and the warning light comes on, you would immediately fail. Use your car manual to find out what the warning signs stand for and opt for immediate mechanic assistance.

Tyre Maintenance

Your car tyres Newbury are an important car component and the only thing acting as a link between the road surface and your car. The minimum thread depth for any tyre would be 1.6mm, otherwise, you would fail your MOT. Check for holes, cracks, and punctures and repair them as soon as possible. Not only for MOT, but tyre maintenance should also be done on a regular basis.

Always Inspect Your Fuel

Without fuel, MOT Newbury will not be able to inspect your emission levels. While checking the brake fluid, make sure the engine is cool and check the dipstick. The oil should be between the two ‘minimum’ and ‘maximum’ marks, if not, top it off. Oil changing is an inexpensive process and you could do it on your own or seek professional help.

Windshield, Horn and Wipers

Checking your windshield and your wiper is a no-brainer. Check for any visible crack, if present, it should not be larger than 10mm, otherwise, you would fail MOT. Wipers should not have any kind of crack or tear. With a water hose, check if the wipers are working perfectly or not or install a new set.

Check the wiper wash reservoir in case, there is not enough water in there.

Cleaning your car before MOT is a wise decision. Make sure that you check whether the number plate is clean or not. MOT is not only about focusing on a few car components but the whole maintenance of your car. Any warning sign indicates there is something wrong that should be taken to the mechanic because ultimately it is your safety that matters.

The most common issues regarding the MOT test are something you could easily avoid if you pay close attention to the condition of your car.