Things to consider before buying new tyres

One can’t undermine the functions a car performs. The invention of vehicles is one of the most innovative developments. It saves you from the hassle of travelling on public transports. You get convenient and comfortable;e drives with a well-maintained vehicle.

Dunlop tyres Twickenham constitute an important component of cars. They act as a junction for the vehicle and road. They also hold the weight of the entire car. Tyres need to be bought with care and after thorough research. This helps in making the right decision and your money is spent on the right thing. But how do you know if a particular tyre set is suitable for your vehicle?

If you are also stuck in the same dilemma, then you have landed at the right place. This blog has all the information you need to choose a convenient Tyres Twickenham set. A vehicle owner should know their requirements and then make the decision.

Summer, winter, or All season tyres?

The first question you need to ask yourself is the tyre category you should go with. Summer tyres are made for higher temperatures, preferably above 7 degrees. In this weather, the road becomes extremely hot and tyres need a softer rubber compound to deliver stable drives. Summer tyres are made of special material to withstand heat. They are made for warm and dry roads.

Winter tyres are designed for areas where severely harsh snowfall occurs. The temperature in such regions is usually below 7 degrees, which is the perfect weather for winter tyre usage. Harsh winters lead to the accumulation of thick snow layers on the road. The tread compound of winter tyres features sipes and groves, which bite through the thick snow layers. These tyres are made for wet, snowy, and icy roads.

All season tyres make a central choice for people living in areas with mild seasonal changes. They make a good compromise between summer and winter tyres. The All-Season tyres have sipes just like the winter tyres to tackle snow and ice. They also have a softer rubber compound to beat the increasing heat.

Now that you know all the important facts about these seasonal tyres, you can easily figure out which of these you need. The choice of seasonal tyres depends on the weather and temperature in your area.

Budget and brand

Before going out to buy a new tyre set you should also set the budget. This will narrow down the options and make the selection procedure easy. Brands like the Bridgestone, Goodyear, Continental, Pirelli, etc make good quality tyres. They last long and come with longtime warranties. It is always advised to buy branded tyres for better security and comfort.

Premium, mid-range, or budget tyres?

The highest-quality tyres fall in the premium tyres category. They deliver extremely good performance and stability in different road conditions.

Mid-range tyres perform as adequately as the premium ones. They are also cheaper than their premium counterparts.