Things you need to know before applying for a work visa in Singapore

Work Visa

Since there are various businesses in Singapore from different industries, there are also a lot of job opportunities here given you have a work visa. These businesses are in Singapore because the laws that govern business transactions. These policies in Singapore are relatively convenient for operations. That is why even if there are already thousands of different businesses, more are still interested in expanding here. 


Singapore is a relatively small country so, naturally, It cannot sustain the workforce demand from the businesses located here. That is why it offers different kinds of work visa to foreign nationals. A work visa is needed for an individual to be able to work legally. It is also needed to enjoy the benefits of working in Singapore. If you are interested in getting your own visa like an S pass Singapore permit, here are the things that you need to know before applying. 


Education or experience

The first thing that you have to know when you want to apply for a work visa in Singapore is the requirements. Since there are many different types of employment visas like the S pass Singapore pass, it is important that you review the different requirements. 


If you are applying for a job position that is considered to be high-ranking, expect that it is required for you to have a university degree. While those that are working or applying for positions lower than managerial or executive level, the government accepts diplomas. Other training certificates relevant to the job that you are applying for are also accepted. 

Age and salary 

All kinds of work visas that Singapore offers require foreign nationals to be of legal age or at least 18 years old on the date of application. No minors are to be allowed to work and the Singaporean market under any circumstance.


There is also a required monthly salary depending on the type of work visa that you are applying for. If you are applying for those positions at the executive and managerial level high salary is demanded. You would have to be earning at least $4,500 to be eligible. While a monthly salary of at least $2,500 is required from those in the service sectors. If you are interested in a work visa that is more flexible, a higher monthly salary is required. 


The majority of the work visa that Singapore offers require all foreign nationals to have their own sponsor. The sponsor can be the company that is offering them the job they are applying for. Their work visa can even be processed by the sponsor company. 


Just like the individual applying for the work visa, your sponsor should also present valid documents as evidence or proof of the legality of their business operations in Singapore. If you are applying as an entrepreneur, you should also present documents as proof of starting or expanding your business in Singapore. 

Types of work visa in Singapore

Employment pass

As mentioned above the employment pass is intended for individuals that are in directorial, managerial, or executive positions. They should be able to present documents such as a university degree and proof that they are earning the monthly salary required. One of the perks of applying for an employment pass is that you can also apply for a visa for your family members. This work visa is valid for up to two years and can be extended for up to two years upon renewal. 


This is issued to entrepreneurs that are interested in starting their business in Singapore. The nature of their business should be something that is venture-backed or presents technological advancement. The business should also not be incorporated for more than six months at the date of the individual’s application. 

S Pass

The S pass Singapore permit is intended for middle-skilled workers that have job offers in Singapore. When you want the S pass Singapore permit a university degree is not required. A diploma or other technical certificates related to the job that you are interested in can be considered. You should also be earning at least SGD2,500 to qualify for this kind of work permit.


Need help?

Singapore offers a wide range of endless job opportunities. No matter the industry that you are in Singapore sure has a job offer for you. So, you must take note of the things that you have to prepare before applying for visas like the S pass Singapore permit.


It is also highly recommendable to hire a service provider so that you can obtain your visa without complications. Ren Ai Group is a tried and tested service provider that can help you apply for the right kind of work visa. Contact us today to know more and get your application started.