Tips for Organising an Outstanding Webinar

If you want to organise a successful webinar that a lot of people will attend and engage in, here are some of the useful tips that will definitely help you out.


If you want your webinar to be an ultimate success, you need to do your research first. That requires some of your time and effort. The first thing you need to do is see what other businesses and your competitors are using their webinars for. Get informed before you start your own. Make sure to pay extra attention to how they organise their webinars, how they approach the whole thing, how they choose their topics, and so on. Being prepared like this will help you find inspiration and plus, you will know what mistakes to avoid making by observing other people’s webinars.

Decide on a clear topic

To organise a successful webinar, you need to come up with the right topic. Firstly, you need to get your staff involved and let them be a part of this decision. You can brainstorm together and come up with a topic that everyone approves of. Then, you should also consult your target audience. You can offer them several options to choose from or you can make a survey they will fill out and tell you what topics they would like to discuss on your webinar. It’s all about communication and finding compromises. This way, you know you will have a topic for discussion that everyone will like to join and engage in equally. That’s the whole point- to draw people in. Stay on your topic. Keep it focused and clean. Otherwise you might end up overwhelming people.

Pick the right time

Webinar is not something you should organise at the last minute. You need to give yourself enough time. One month would be enough for you to organise the whole thing and prepare the equipment. Not only do you need time to properly organise everything and promote it to people, you also need to give people enough time in advance so they can save the date and be sure to clear the schedule to be able to attend the webinar. You need to be mi mindful of the time you pick for your webinar. It should be a time when people can actually tune in. In most cases, picking a weekday, the mid-afternoon is the best option. Also, make sure to pick the right length of the program. From 30 to 60 minutes is just fine, depending on the topic you choose.

Engage your audience right from the start

One of the best approaches you can make for your webinar is to instantly include your audience from the very start and make them feel like they are engaging from the very beginning. To help tem engage in your webinar, you need to provide them with helpful sources on the topic of discussion as soon as you announce what the topic will be. You can offer them description of the webinar, some handouts and extra information they will find useful.

Then, your next job is to make the webinar as interactive as possible. You need to include the audience from the very first minute of the program. Make sure to ask them questions and ask them to offer their points of view, their experiences and their opinions. This way, you are inviting them to be active and engaged in the discussion. Plus, you will be able to get some very useful feedback from them.

Make it easy to watch back

Organising an online video conferencing meeting has many benefits. People from all around the world can attend your event. What’s even better about it is that your webinar can always be recorded. That way, people will be able to re-watch the webinar even at a later date. Some people simply won’t be able to make it for the date you set, no matter how hard you try to pick the perfect one. In that case, they can watch a recorded video of the webinar and still be able to hear what you discussed.

Don’t forget to promote your webinar

Lastly, don’t forget to promote your webinar as much as you can. Use the social media platforms to your advantage to spread the word and let people know about your upcoming webinar. Interact with people on your website and social media profiles to let them know about the event in advance. Start as early as possible to let people have enough time to prepare and organise for your event.


All things considered, organising a good webinar comes down to knowing what you audience needs, coming up with a good topic, picking the right time, and promoting the webinar. Making sure that people can re-watch it is a great bonus.