Toddler Towers- The New Way To Introduce Toddlers To Various Activities

Toddlers Towers

Having a toddler at home., you are thinking of new ways by which you could make them more energetic and help satiate their growing interests. The moment toddlers learn how to stand up, they are always up to something, trying to experience it all. As a parent, you want to give them everything, and learning towers are surely the trendiest things you would come across.

There are several benefits that you get to enjoy with a toddler tower or which many call a Montessori tower. Children love it and, if you are still having any doubts on why you should be going for one, here are ample benefits to go through.

It Is Child-Safe

Stools and chairs are okay but not safe when trying to help your child climb up and stand on something sturdy. Toddler towers are designed keeping in mind child safety so that they do not fall from it. Toddler towers usually come with four legs which gives it extra protection and offers great stability no matter how energetic your child is.

Some come with wooden and other material planks to completely eliminate the risk of your child falling and getting injured. As a parent, you have nothing to worry about with toddlers’ towers, and there are several designs to choose from.

It Helps Your Child Learn The Value Of Independence

Teaching your child the importance of independence is crucial from a very early age. The toddler tower or the Montessori tower are even recommended by education experts. It encourages your child to learn things independently.

They are designed in such a way that a child would easily be able to climb and then come down without any added help. They usually come with more than one step so that your child could climb and reach a certain height easily. There are foldable and no-foldable toddler towers available.

You Get To Play And Spend Time With Your Child

It is not unusual for a child to drop something and run towards the parent, interested in observing what you are doing. Whether you are cooking or cleaning, you could keep your child safe and away from anything hazardous yet spend quality time with them. Also, you could ask them for help like washing the potatoes for you.

It is a great time to connect with your child, a win-win situation for both the toddler and the parent. Not only do you get to do your work on time, but you give ample time to your child as well.

An Exposure To New Things

Not just the kitchen, with toddler towers, you get the opportunity to expose your child to new things, including food and others. Having your child near you while you are cooking could instigate in them the willingness to learn new food and other cooking items and techniques.

Your child gets to explore different veggies and other items that might help them open up to try new items without making a face. Sensory learning from a very early age is crucial and, with repeated exposure, you make them familiar with unfamiliar items. It is also a great way to expose them to other new activities. If you have a writing board on the wall, it helps them to learn their alphabets.

Again, with toddler towers, bathroom activities get a lot easier, too — be it hand washing or brushing. Every child wants to do some kind of activity all the time but cannot reach certainly elevated counters. Rather than dividing your time between your child and work, you would be doing everything simultaneously.