Tools That You Will Find Farriers Using!!

Tools That You Will Find Farriers Using!!

Horses need care just like we do. We need doctors from time to time to take care of us, whereas these horses need farriers to take care of them. These farriers are professionals in equine hoof care and have qualities of both blacksmith and veterinarian.

If you have ever met a farrier, then you must have seen him carrying a farrier tool kit with him. Ever thought about what tools he uses, where he gets them from, and what they are called?

They get these tools from EASYTRIMLONDON farrier supplies. Now we would like to inform you about some of the farrier tools and their uses.


  • Hoof Testers

This equipment is one of the most used tools that farriers use. They use it to know the area of pain by applying pressure. It looks like an abscess.

Hoof testers are used by veterinarians too during their standard lameness exams.


  • Farrier Knives

After hoof testers, this is another most used tool that the farriers use. It is used to cut and remove the excessive sole present in the horse’s feet. It also helps in removing the frog present in their feet.

This farrier tool is available for both right-hand users as well as for left-hand users. These are very sharp and needed to be used with care because they are dangerous not only for the horses but also for the farrier.


  • Pull-Offs

Pull offs are also known as pincers, and the farrier uses them after the nail is removed. It is also used after the clenches are raised. The farriers use this tool to liver the shoe away from the horse’s foot


  • Anvil

The farrier uses this tool to mold the horse’s shoe and to give it a proper shape. They also used to give a proper style to the horse’s shoe. Horses are different from each other, and so their sizes and shapes of their shoes are.

This tool is used by the farrier to custom fit the shoe by shaping it on the anvil. Using an anvil to shape the shoe ensures that the shoe is flat enough and will not hurt the horse’s feet.


  • Farrier Nailing Hammer

The farriers use this tool very often to punch the nails through the horses’ hoof. This process ensures that the shoe is held in the right place. This tool is basically found in small sizes.


  • Hoof Stand

The farrier uses a hoof stand so that they can finish the nailing job. It also helps in easing the strain of lifting the horse’s injured leg. This tool comes in many shapes and different heights.


  • Buffer

Buffer is popularly known as a clinch and also clinch cutter. It is used to cut and remove the clenches. It ensures that no damage in the future is caused to the horse foot when the nail is removed during the shoes’ removal process.


  • Radius Rasp

Radius Rasp is found in a concave form. They are used to make a smooth rounded edge along the perimeter of the hoof wall. It is also used to maintain the durable hoof shape and ensure the mustang roll’s healthy functioning. This tool helps in rounding the edge of the walls easier and quicker.


  • Horse Shoe Pullers

This tool is precisely the same as the hoof nippers. The only difference is that they are more prominent. The farrier needs this tool to pull the horseshoe whenever required. You must have seen a farrier using an unflinching block so that the nails could be unclinched.

This process will help in reducing the risk of damage. Farriers are very careful while using this tool because it can cause pain and bruise to the horse’s sensitive sole if misused.

Farriers carry these tools with them and use them whenever an emergency arises. There are many other tools that a farrier uses, and these were some of them. If you are willing to use these tools, make sure you do them in front of an experienced person. Now we hope that you have gained some precise information about the tools that farriers use.