Types of Workplace Safety Videos & Their Importance

Any workplace has some associated perils that every employee must know. Workplace safety videos have a crucial role to play in the success of an organization. They help to keep your employees and staff aware of the possible dangers and how they can avoid them using the safety tips.

Different Types of Workplace Safety Videos:

Equipment Related Videos:

There are various types of equipment used in offices, industries, and factories. There are certain dos and don’ts of using this machine. However, you will get a detailed manual on the same. But running through so many pages can be a daunting task. To save time, equipment-related videos prove to be beneficial. These videos have all the information pertaining to the use of the machine and what not to do.

Much equipment is highly technical and needs proper training on using them safely within the industrial norms and keeping the working range with the permissible limits.

Not only this, but they also must gather enough knowledge to know the warning signs and signals to understand that the equipment is working beyond its permissible threshold limits.

You can upload various equipment training videos on your website or social media page that the employees and staff can access easily. Apart from this, you can also arrange for a physical training session on safely using the equipment.

Process Safety Videos:

In many industries, mostly the food and chemical industries, there are standard norms for making a final product. This means that there is a standardized process for making that final product.

Workplace safety videos related to processes inform your staff and employees on the standardized process of making a substance.

Using this standardized process is a must as this ensures minimum damage to the equipment and machines and reduces the chances of an injury or accident.

Workplace Safety Videos
Workplace Safety Videos

Outdoor Safety Videos:

There are many industries where the staff and workers must work in the outside environment. A most common example of such industry would be the construction industries involved in the construction of infrastructures such as bridges, dams, roads, etc., or real estate construction.

In such places, one of the biggest dangers that your employees and workers face is at working on heights. And thus, the most unfortunate events you are looking at are falling or tripping over from the height. Even that is not enough as staff might have to carry heavyweight industrial equipment and construction items at such heights.

Workplace safety videos are an integral part of most construction companies as they inform the workers on how to get better adapt to working on such heights.

That is not it!!! There is also an element of adjusting to the weather condition; sometimes, working outdoor means the employees and workers must face typical hot summers, sudden gushing winds when working on top of large buildings, rain, and even lightning hazards.

Ensure that your staffs and workers have enough idea on adapting their bodies and minds to working in such extreme weather conditions, and workplace safety videos on this topic following by training will prove effective.

Avoiding Mishaps or What to Do in Times of Emergencies:

Does your staff know what to do during an earthquake or any emergency type situation, such as an explosion in your industry? There are some workplace safety videos too that you can include on your website.


As you can see, there are many workplace safety videos that you need your staff to see and understand its importance. You can document these videos, add them to your website, and include it as part of the training sessions. Moreover, videos are far more effective in disseminating information than reading papers. So, you must focus on getting one for your business today.