What Are Some Of The Best Games For The Nintendo GameCube?

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The Nintendo GameCube was released in 2001, and it’s still considered one of the best gaming consoles ever. People, even today, still play games on it on their HDTVs with the HDMI adapter. Read our GameCube HD Cable buying guide to play GameCube games on your TV.

The system was the peak of Nintendo’s domination in the market, and some of the best games ever were released for it.

Since it came out, it has been loved by many people and holds a special place in our hearts.

In this article, I want to take a look at some of the best GameCube games that are still available on the system.

Viewtiful Joe

It was one of the first titles for the Nintendo GameCube and introduced many new gamers to Capcom’s stylized approach to art direction. “Viewtiful Joe” is a classic run and gun platformer with a Japanese anime flair; it’s as fun to play as it is to look at.

The most interesting aspect of this game is Joe’s ability to freeze time, becoming a comic book hero able to move anywhere off-screen and resume the action in super-slow motion, dealing as much damage as he can while his borrowed time lasts.


Ikaruga, released in arcades in 2003 and for the GameCube in 2004, is a shooter that is unlike any other. The gameplay, story, visuals, music, and everything else in the game are equally unique.

You are placed at one end of a grid, with your enemies at the other. Your spacecraft can switch between white and black to absorb the opposite colour bullets from enemy projectiles.

Ikaruga has an interesting gameplay mechanic where you can toggle between black and white and the game offers two different ways of playing whatever you prefer.

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is the most successful game for the Nintendo GameCube. Its action-horror style makes it a different Resident Evil game but still great. Resident Evil 4 is regarded by many as the best game on the GameCube, and is one of the most important games in the survival horror genre! Resident Evil 4 makes a lot of changes from previous games. It takes on a much more action-oriented approach but at the same time retains its roots in puzzle solving and item management.

Resident Evil 4. You could easily spend hours playing this horrific game. Drawing from the feel of horror movies, the fourth in the series has you take control of Leon Kennedy through his walk through the Spanish countryside as he is literally and “literally” on a mission to find his president’s daughter Ashley Graham who has been taken hostage by a mysterious cult.

Even though the movie itself has been criticized by many, the game is one of the most successful titles. The creators of this specific title were able to build a game with pretty amazing graphics and an outstanding storyline. A majority of gamers found this game to be more enjoyable than any other titles in the Resident Evil series.

Bottom Line

There are many games available for the Nintendo GameCube and there is no better way of determining which ones to get than having an expert nudge you in the right direction. Here we have listed the top GameCube games that every GameCube fan must play at least once. So go grab one and play now!