What Are The Basic Need To Design Motor Control Center?

The Motor Control Center amplified the utilization of space inside industrial facilities. Even though similar specifications dictate the design of today’s motor control centers, well-designed systems accommodate an immense assortment of devices needed in modern facilities.

Therefore, if you want a long and dependable service life with maximum return on investment, ensure you address the following five design specifications.


One of the first details to consider is the ampacity of the main horizontal bus of your motor control center. The ampacilty represents the maximum current the fundamental level bus can accommodate prior to overheating happens. The smallest horizontal bus ampacity is 600 A.

Also, decide the ampacity for the vertical bus. The minimum perpendicular bus ampacity is 300 A. Through, numerous manufacturers use a maximum vertical bus ampacity of 1,600 A, and a maximum ampacity for horizontal bus of 2,000 A.

Fault Current Levels

A fault current level is essentially the amount of electric current that flows if a short were to happen between phases. The fault current level rating is strong-minded by the lowest-rated device in the motor control center.

For Instance, if the bus structure was designed to withstand 30,000 A and a breaker with a fault-withstanding rating of 12,000 A is installed, at that point the whole system rating is 12,000 A.

Bussing Material

Copper has numerous advantages over aluminum as a bussing material. Firstly, copper has a higher conductivity rate than aluminum, which allows for a smaller bus to handle the similar current. Also, copper doesn’t extend and contract to the degree of aluminum.

However, copper is not a one-size-fits-all bussing material. Aluminum costs less and is less probable to corrode in some industrial environments. For example, ammonia gas used in refrigerant systems or chiller loops assaults copper and cause pressure cracking of copper alloys.

Feeder Cables

Cautious not to overlook how the fundamental feeder cables enter the control center. If you determine beforehand how feeder cables entre your system (e.g. underground or overhead), you may avoid difficult wire bends and conceivably expensive field changes. You can plan your system to oblige both overhead and underground feeds. However, your costs will increase.

Fire Protection

Fire Protection

Ensure cables & components are up to fire code. Motor Control Centers generally sit on floors. If your floors (and walls) are needed to have a fire-resistance rating, fire-stops might be vital for floor-and wall-penetrating feeder cables.

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