What Are The Most Important Characteristics Of Candles?

Marble Candle

Candles are one of the most important, timeless, and significant inventions people have ever created. Marble candle have been used for ages and have made an incredible contribution to people’s wellbeing and health. The fragrance which candles emit can make your mood feel better and relaxed all the way. They have been used for ages to create a soothing ambience in the houses. But what makes a candle special? In this article, we are going to talk about the most important characteristics of a candle.

Type of Wax

Waxes come in several forms. The type of wax used will have an impact on the burn time and the scent throw. The two main types of wax you can find are paraffin or beeswax candles. Now, the third kind of wax is soybean wax, but it’s not common for candle manufacturers to use it. All types offer different benefits.

Materials of Candlewick

The material of the candle wick is determined by its purpose, the conditions in which it will operate, and its physical properties. For example, a candlewick might be made of cotton if used to melt modest amounts of wax over a short time for domestic use. On the other hand, a candlewick intended to burn large volumes of industrial paraffin might be made from braided paper strips impregnated with oil.

The Thickness of the Candle

Think of the candle as both an hourglass and a clock. Approximately 1/2-inch-thick is a good standard for candles that burn down from the top, like our Pillar, Taper, and Votive candles. This thickness ensures that you will enjoy the time-honoured ritual of lighting the wick and watching the candle’s glow slowly melt away with no wax spillage to clean up later. Candles that burn at an angle such as Tapers should be thinner so the beholders can properly see them.


The Scent of the Candle

Many aroma candles produce no scent and that can make your feelings dull. The aroma must be soft, delicate, and voluptuous. It should not be too sharp or striking, but rather delicate and subtle.

Burn Time of Candle

Burn time of the candle is one of the most important characteristics of candles. A candle that can’t last at least 4 hours cannot be considered a quality product. The average burn length is going to be longer for tall and bigger candles. This is because bigger volumes have a bigger area on their surface for burning. On the contrary, smaller candles will burn out faster because they have small areas for burning. Understanding the burn time is a crucial factor to buy a candle, because if you don’t know how long each candle burns, you can never be sure how long the scent will last through the entire burn time of the candle.

Bottom Line

These are the most important characteristics you should look at in a candle. A great smell should be fully developed when burning the candle therefore it is better to burn it for 2 hours or more. You must choose a quality brand so that your candle will slowly flame and burn without any problem. Hope this post will help you in choosing the best candles for yourself.