What Happens When Your Car Faces An MOT Failure?

MOT Airdrie

As soon as your car turns 3 years old, it becomes a legal requirement for you to get an MOT done every year. It is considered a necessary evil. People do not want to spend money each year, but it becomes important to save your car from falling into pieces and failing to function properly.

This doesn’t mean that getting an MOT is any less of a burden and becomes even a bigger one when your car fails the test. Unfortunately, this is not unusual; the DVSA has shown that almost 40% of the cars fail the MOT test at their first attempt.

An MOT lasts a year. You can get your car tested up to 30 days before the last MOT expires.

When your car faces an MOT failure

Your concerned test centre that handled your car would contact you and break the news that your car has failed the test.

Failing your MOT shouldn’t be a big concern. You will be provided with a VT30 certificate from the test centre, highlighting the issues that led to your car’s failure so that you could get them repaired quickly. Ensure not to lose this document as it’ll help you figure out the next step.

Your car must be repaired and retested following the MOT standards.

You would not be issued an MOT certificate and will be informed why your car failed the test and what is needed to be fixed to pass. For example, your car could need specialised repairs like welding work or emissions failures, which could not be done instantly.

If you can get your car tested, repaired and retested at the same place within 10 working days, then you won’t be charged extra for retesting; this is called partial re-examination. However, if you get the retest done after the 10 working day period, you would be charged for a new full MOT test.

If your last MOT runs out

You must immediately arrange for an MOT test. You should not drive your car unless taking it to the test centre as you could be charged for driving.

How to get the MOT retest?

You have several options available at your disposal to get your car up and running when it fails the MOT.

1. Get your car fixed immediately at the centre from the problems mentioned in your VT30 certificate. Ensure that the technicians have the required skillset and equipment to complete the repair within the 10 working day period.

2. If you plan to get your car repaired at another centre than your MOT test centre, make sure that it gets fixed within a single working day as then there would be no charge for the retest. For example, if it takes 2 and 10 days, you would be charged partially, but you would have to pay for a full MOT Airdrie if it reaches beyond ten days.

3. The third option is to scrap your car if it’s too old or severely damaged. It is not worth your time and money and the inconvenience faced to get the repairs. Scrapping is the easiest option and also financially viable.

Does the law fine you for driving a car that failed?

Yes, you can be fined for driving your car with a failed MOT. The law allows you to drive your car to the test centre to get the repairs done to ensure that your car passes the retest. Nonetheless, if your car possesses an issue that is considered dangerous, there is a probability that the police would find you £2500. Therefore, it is always a safer and sensible option to leave your car at the centre for repairs.