What is Panda Update and Why it is Important?

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What is Panda Update and Why it is Important?

Panda Update and its Importance

organizing the mailing listPanda Update and its Importance The search engine optimization community has been a buzz this past week with the newest update from Google, called Penguin. Penguin came down the pipeline last week, right on the tail of the most recent Panda update. As the majority of the large updates in the past year are focused on Panda, many website owners have been left wondering exactly what the actual differences between Panda Update and Penguin Update are. Here’s a breakdown.

Based on Google’s official blog article when Panda launched, This update is designed to reduce rankings for low sites, that are low-value add for users, replicate content from other sites which are simply not so helpful. At the same time, it is going to provide superior rankings for high quality sites–sites with original content along with information like analysis, in-depth reports, thoughtful analysis and so forth.


Fundamentally, Panda updates are designed to target pages which are not necessarily spam but are not fantastic quality. This was actually the first ever penalty that went after “thin articles” and also the websites which were hit hardest by the first Panda update were articles farms (hence why it was originally known as the Farmer update), where users could publish dozens of low-quality, keyword stuffed posts that offered little to no true worth for the reader. Many publishers would publish the same post to a lot of those content farms simply to find additional links.

Panda is a site wide penalty, meaning that if “sufficient” (no specific amount ) pages of your website were flagged for getting content that is thin, your whole site may be penalized. Panda was also intended to prevent scrappers (websites that could republish other firm’s content) from outranking the origina writer’s content.

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