What is Penguin Update and Why it is Important?

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What is Penguin Update and Why it is Important?

Penguin Update and its importance

organizing the mailing listThe Google Penguin Update launched on April 24. According to the Google blog, Penguin is an “important algorithm change targeted at web spam. The change will reduce rankings for websites that we think are violating Google’s existing quality guidelines.” Google mentions that typical black hat SEO strategies such as keyword stuffing (long considered web spam) would find a website in trouble, but less obvious tactics (link incorporating insignificant outgoing links to some page of articles) would also cause Penguin to flag your website. Says Google,

Websites affected by this change may not be readily identifiable as spamming without deep analysis or expertise, but the common thread is that these websites do much more than white hat SEO; we think they’re engaging in web spam tactics to control search engine rankings.


Website owners should make certain to look at their Google Webmaster accounts for any messages from Google warning regarding your previous spam activity and a potential penalty. Google says that Penguin has impacted about 3.1% of queries (in comparison to Panda 1.0’s 12%). If you saw major traffic losses between April 24th and April 25th, chances are Penguin is the culprit, although Panda 3.5 came out around the exact same time.

It is important to keep in mind that Panda is an algorithm update, not a manual penalty. A reconsideration request to Google will not make much difference–|you are going to have to fix your website and wait for a refresh before your website will recover. As always don’t panic if you’re seeing a down turn in traffic, previously when there’s a major Google update like these things frequently rebound. Should you believe you have some sort of SEO penalty as a result of either the Google Panda Update or even Google Penguin updates, please contact your search engine optimization (SEO) service provider to assist or start trouble shooting.

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