What is the difference between G Suite and Gmail?

G suite and Gmail

Google services have various terminologies within it which makes some confusion within the minds of people.

One of these confusions arises between its products namely G Suite and G Mail. We all know G Suite and Gmail are the products of Google.

When we talk about G Mail this is an email solution by Google which includes no cost and is actually free.

Moreover, Google provides more of its advanced featured services like G Suite which is also known as business version of Gmail or Gmail for business.

However, if you are using Gmail for business, it may limit the potential growth of your business to some extent.

On contrary if you avail the services like G Suite you can stay away from data security threats and other vulnerabilities.

G suite provides you full potential to grow your business by using all the advance features specially build for business enterprises.

In this blog we will know about the differences between the G Suite and Gmail services by Google. Let’s dig in:-


What is G Suite?

G Suite is a cloud computing productivity and collaboration set of tools launched by Google in the year 2006.

Just like a suitcase it consists of various tools which includes Google Hangouts, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Forms Slides Keep and more.

Typically, G Suite also includes Gmail which is slightly different from the actual Google mailing service.

What is Gmail?

G mail is a free web-based mailing service by Google. Just like other mailing services you can send, retrieve, block or mark a message as spam in Gmail.

Gmail is popular because of its unique and advance features than other mailing services.

After knowing the basics in this blog we will know about the key differences between the G Suite and Gmail services by Google. Let’s dig in:-



The mailing services of Google Gmail comes free a person can sign up for its services for free and use it features and productive apps.

In case you want to deploy more advance features of Gmail you should go with G Suite.

G Suite comes with a premium price range it has different plans to cater the needs of different business needs.

Its basic plan comes at the price of $6 per month per user, its business plan comes for $12 per month per user and lastly the enterprise plan of g suite comes for $25 per month per user. However, Google provides a trial of its G Suite for 14 days.

Administrative Tool

A Gmail account gives you the authority to the specific account holder to access full control over his account. You can use your account as per your wants by having login details.

If we talk about G Suite it comes with a set of administrative tools over email addresses that you own. You can create multiple email accounts for your teams and get full control over them.

Your team members can access them too by sending and receiving emails. You can create or delete the number of accounts and set their passwords according to you.

Business Emails

Business Mails are attractive and they look more professional as compared to normal emails while using Gmail account you can only change the first part of your email this means you have to use the Gmail extension compulsorily that is @gmail.com whereas in G Suite you have the right to customize your domain with Gmail for example you can create professional customized email such as @yourdomainname.com

Cloud Storage

In Gmail you only get up to 15 GB of storage that is good in terms of free services. But this may limit the amount of storage if you are running a business because creating, sharing and storing thousands of messages requires more storage which not sufficient in Gmail.

On contrary G Suite provides you the cloud storage of 30 GB per user and G suite plans such as business plan and enterprise plan offer you unlimited cloud storage for 5 or more users. In case you have fewer users than 5 than you will be getting 1 TB per user.


By having a Google account, you have the right to use all the basic apps and services of Google which are available for free of cost such as documents or sheets.

However, if you want to access more new and advance features of Google than G suite is the right choice for you.

By paying a specific amount for G Suite you can get high accessibility overs Google apps and services not only this G Suite also comes with high level of security than Gmail.

G Suite tools can help you to find out the email analytics by keeping an eye upon how effectively your team members are using G Suite services.

Shared Access

If you have a Gmail account you can create and share all the files and folder with ease by performing some manual steps.

Whereas G Suite users can share their files easily and quickly without needing or performing any manual steps.

Administrative users also have authority to check out the files and folders shared within individual accounts.

Support Availability

Technical issues generally affect the working of whole business if you are a Gmail user you will not be provided with a technical assistant if you run into technical issue.

You cannot connect with technical experts to solve your problems and you have to wait to troubleshoot them.

On contrary G Suite comes with 24*7 technical supports where Google technical expert team will guide you if you face any issues related to the workings of G Suite.


In Conclusion, Gmail is a free web-based mailing service where by having a Google Account you can assess all the free services of Google the main difference is you can avail more advance features of Google by switching onto G Suite.